YOUNG IN ACE introduces the ‘Ion Molecule Reaction Mass Spectrometer’ “ACE 1100 IMR-MS” at ITS 2021

YOUNG IN ACE Co., Ltd., (CEO Jin-geun Lee) participated in the 22nd Innovative Technology Show 2021 held at SETEC (Seoul Trade Exhibition Hall) from October 26th to 28th and showcased the “ACE 1100 IMR-MS” ion molecule reaction mass spectrometer.

YOUNG IN ACE independently researches, develops, produces, and sells mass spectrometry systems, which are essential equipment in the R&D and industrial fields.

ACE 1100 IMR-MS is a mass spectrometer optimized for qualitative quantitative analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Unlike GC-MS and LC-MS, which are connected to chromatography equipment (GC, HPLC) for component separation through an interface of a mass spectrometer, real-time analysis results are immediately confirmed through direct sample introduction. It is mounted on a transportation means to find a place that needs analysis and perform on-site analysis, and monitoring can be carried out immediately in various places where monitoring is required.

Meanwhile, the main exhibition composition of ITS 2021 hosted by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups is as follows. △Smart Factory Solution Hall △Smart Manufacturing Innovation Hall △Smart Digital New Industry Hall △Smart Green New Industry Hall △Smart Service Innovation Hall.

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