YoojinBiosoft, aims listing of special technologies for automated statistical analysis program of clinical and genomic data

Biological Age Analysis │Source – YoojinBiosoft

YoojinBiosoft Co., Ltd. (CEO Jin-tae Yoo) has developed clinical genome data analysis software and provides analysis services based on the program. Since their establishment in July 2017, the company has conducted more than 100 statistical analyses for clinical and genetic data every year.

Its main products include TnF Standard and TnF Interactive, both of which automate statistical analysis of clinical and genetic data, and TnF Preprocess, a data preprocessing program. The company is currently developing TnF Care Solutions, an aging and biological age diagnosis program. As of December 2021, they have published 44 SCI-level clinical papers and in the statistical methods of the clinical paper, the software of YoojinBiosoft Co., Ltd. and TnF are specified.

TnF stands for tables and figures essential for clinical papers. Using IBM SPSS and SAS, which currently monopolize the global market, can be difficult and time-consuming analyze for people who do not know statistics. In addition, the costs range from millions of won and can even go up to 20 million won per year, which can be a big financial burden.

Thus, YoojinBiosoft’s TnF software is equipped with an exploratory data analysis function that automatically finds algorithms according to the characteristics of the data. Researchers who are not familiar with statistics can automatically produce results by entering data into the input window. The software, which is currently patented with domestic technology, can even automatically analyze big data such as health insurance data, which was difficult for IBM, SPSS and others. In addition, the price is competitive.

TnF Software Images│Source – YoojinBiosoft

YoojinBiosoft CEO Jin-tae Yoo said, “We supply products to more than 35 university hospitals and pharmaceutical companies in Korea based on platforms such as TnF Preprocess with data preprocessing functions, TnF Standard that automatically provides tables and pictures, and TnF Interactive, an AI-type statistical analysis product.”

In addition, “We are currently analyzing 15-years of follow-up data on 4 million men and 4 million women. By analyzing these health insurance data, we plan on developing and releasing TnF Care Solution, an aging and biological age diagnosis program. Aside from that, we are participating in the task of developing TnF Interactive software with the support of the Korea Health Industry Promotion Agency (KHIDI).”

Regarding future plans, CEO Yoo said, “Based on our statistical platform, we aim to participate in a new project called ‘Drug Repositioning’. In addition, we are preparing to collaborate with researchers and professors from various university hospitals, and based on these achievements, we are planning to list special technology in 2024 and 2025.”

YoojinBiosoft CEO Jin-tae Yoo│Source -Aving News