Yaskawa Electric Korea to showcase a robot dedicated to new high-efficiency paint system at Daegu Machinery Expo 2021

Yaskawa Electric Korea Co., Ltd. will participate in the Daegu Machinery Expo 2021 held at EXCO in Daegu from November 16th to 19th

Yaskawa Electric Korea contributes to the development of the Korean economy in various industries, including semiconductors, FPDs, and automobile production facilities, with advanced technologies and services. In addition, in order to solve the global challenges that have recently emerged, challenges to new business areas such as the use of high-efficiency green energy and the realization of a society where people and robots coexist.


Yaskawa Group has always supported the cutting-edge industries and technologies of the era, including power applications, industrial automation promotion, mechatronics creation, and robots, centering on Yaskawa Electric Co., Ltd., headquartered in Kitakyushu, Japan. With 28 business bases around the world and 10 production bases, Yaskawa Group’s technologies, products, and services are highly valued and trusted by customers around the world.

Since its establishment in 1994, Yaskawa Electric Korea has expanded its business area by contributing to technological innovation, automation, and efficiency of customers in various fields such as electronics, machinery, automobiles, construction, and logistics through Motion Control and Robots.

The exhibition will showcase three robots, Paint System, Palletizing and Ice Cream Robots.

△Paint System: The new painting robot (MPX3600), co-developed with Durim-Yaskawa, is a new type of painting robot designed to strengthen packaging, such as integration of painting functions, and track and study unique motions of painting.


△ Palletizing: It is a mixed box palletizing/depalletizing solution using GP series robots. With Pickit’s 3D Vision System, one of its partners, it is a robot solution that can recognize box size and space and automatically palletize/depalletize mixed boxes.

△Ice Cream Robot: The market’s first two-arm robot provides soft ice cream and drinks to visitors. It is a robot designed to be easily applied in assembly factories and enables human-like movements through 15-axis movements. It is an exhibition robot manufactured by our company so that visitors can feel the robot more intimate.

Ice Cream Robot

There are three basics of Yaskawa: “Motion Control,” “Customer Perspective-Oriented,” and “High Reliability.” In particular, the technique of motion control is important because ARC or LASER welding, and painting APPLICATION must follow a line set with high precision on a three-dimensional long line. An official explained that we provide automation solutions with mechatronics products, including robots and servo motors, and that we want to realize a new industrial automation revolution through solutions that combine these hardware and software.

An official from Yaskawa Electric said, “Daegu City is providing the world’s best support for the robot industry. Through this exhibition, we want to inform customers that their businesses can become more efficient and grow by utilizing cooperation with our technology and partners, and we will continue to contribute to the development of industries and customers through innovative technologies, products, and domestic and foreign partners, he said.

Meanwhile, the 2021 Daegu International Machinery Industry Exhibition is hosted by Daegu Metropolitan City and organized by EXCO, DGMC Daegu Gyeongbuk Machinery Cooperative, Daegu Techno Park Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center, Small and Medium Business Convergence Daegu Gyeongbuk Federation, Korea Technology, and KOTRA. The exhibition items are as follows. △Factory Automation Equipment △ Smart Factory △ Machinery, Equipment △ Tools, Mold △ Control Measurement, Inspection Equipment △ Logistics, Packaging Machine Tube △ Welding, Casting

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