Xian LONGi Silicon to introduce its wafers for Semi device application at the Green Energy Expo 2010

DAEGU, Korea (AVING Special Report on ‘Green Energy Expo 2010’) — <Visual News> Xian LONGi Silicon(www.longi-silicon.com) introduces its wafers for Semi device application at the Green Energy Expo 2010.

Xian LONGi Silicon Materials Corp. is dedicated to the Silicon Industry. We design, manufacture and process monocrystalline silicon ingots/wafers for both PV and Semi applications. LONGi aims at building a solid foundation for Photovoltaic, which will definitely be the core energy in everyday life. Since it was founded in 1998 as a semiconductor material company, LONGi has always strived to focus on quality and sustainable silicon products to drive the growth and success of our customers. We now contribute the same efforts to PV industry by offering our customers state of the art technologies, cost advantages and production scale.

LONGi now is one of the biggest mono silicon producers in West China and aims to be one of the top producers by year 2010. At year 2009 our capacity is 250 MW/yr. By year 2010 LONGi will produce 2500 MT of mono silicon products per year (300 MW/yr). LONGi serves customers around the world by providing high quality silicon wafers needed to build the engine for PV models and projects. We share expertise and challenges through our partners. LONGi has positioned itself as an international player with strong technical backup, an expanding plan and customers commitment.

LONGis head office, marketing/proposal, engineering and project management is based in Xian, which is one of the hub cities of silicon materials in China. Manufacturing plants are located in several cities in West China, bringing LONGis cost advantages with cheap and sustainable electricity supply. This structure has assured LONGis high standard in quality, cost and efficiency.

Currently there are 200 CZ pullers and 60 wire saw machines running in LONGi plants, supported by fully integrated inspection devices, cleaning line and our experienced engineers. LONGi provides solutions to maximize silicons recycling rate. By year 2010, we will have a manufacturing force with 400 CZ pullers, 90 wire saw machines and 5000 MT/yr silicon cleaning line.