X-Pointer Presenter to Show off the ‘Magic Key’ Support Products

SÃO PAULO, Brazil (AVING Special Report on ‘Korea ICT Roadshow Central and South America 2011’) — <Visual News> ChoisTechnology (CEO Soon Pil Choi), manufacturer X-pointer -one of world’s leading wireless presenter brand, is going to present ‘XP350 Magic’ in the ‘Korea ICT Roadshow Central and South America 2011’ during April 13th and 19th in support of Incheon IT Promotion Agency.

XP350 Magic is equipped with world’s first optical touch sensor along with its modern and chic design.

New concept optical touch sensor detects tiny movements of the thumb to allow free mouse pointing in 360 degrees and detailed controlled within resolution 800CPI. It also uses 76 multi-channels to minimize the interference with wireless lan and Bluetooth devices. It can be used within 30m of distance and maybe applied in any kind of environment.

It also supports drag & drop function of the mouse for an easy file movement and PowerPoint underlining function. It uses USB insertion method for easy portability and less risk of misplacing the product after the use.

X-Pointer’s unique Magic Key program is an eye catching technology to everyone who uses the product. Magic Key program is a high technology function that allows the users to directly input desired key values in various applications such as presentation, media player, game, music, photo viewer and Macintosh Key Note.

Also, it is equipped with on/off switch that minimizes the use of batteries and safety accidents when not in use. It can be used immediately without installation of additional programs.

CEO Soon Pil Choi of ChoisTechnology said “Users can utilize our Magic Key program to customize the function of our product and they will be more than pleased”.

(Picture: CES2011 Exhibition ChoisTechnology Booth)