[World IT Show 2017] Samsung Exhibits ‘Galaxy S8’ and ‘Galaxy S8+’


Samsung participated in World IT Show 2017 (WIS 2017) held at COEX A, B, C Halls from May 24th (Wed) to 27th (Sat), and showed ‘Galaxy S8’ and ‘Galaxy S8+’, which are popular with immersive infinity display and differentiated intelligent interface Bixby.

‘Galaxy S8’ and ‘Galaxy S8+’ have new smart phone designs with the infinity display, which filled the 80% of the front with the screen. The Dual Edge display makes the stereoscopic effect stand out, and the size of screen is maximized by minimizing all bazels around the display.


The intelligent interface ‘Bixby’, which suggests a new communication method between smart phones and users, accepts information through various input methods such as voice, images, texts, touches, etc, and then provides customized services by understanding the situations and contexts of the users.

Bixby allows consumers to use their smart phones more intuitively and conveniently through four functions : Voice, Vision, Reminder and Home. Bixby, which adopted Deep Learning technology, learns how to communicate between various devices and users, and the more you use it, the more optimized service it provides to users.

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Meanwhile, ‘World IT Show 2017’ will show the slogan of ICT, meaning Transform Everything’ and also exhibit AI, IOT, autonomous vehicles, VR/AR, Big Data, etc. This year, this exhibition will offer various events including the Korea Multimedia Technology Awards Ceremony, ICT Foreign Big Buyer Invitation Export Conference, Globa ICT Partnership Program, 2017 SAFER KOREA 2017, K-ICT Future Talent Forum 2017 Opening and Exhibition/Recruitment Consultation, K-ICT Technology Business Festival Opening and Exhibition, 2017 Global ICT Prospect Conference, etc.

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