Won Technology to develop ‘oaze Hair beam’ for hair loss treating after six months

There are many people who are suffering from hair loss, even at the age of 20’s. Won Technology (www.wtlaser.com) developed
the effective hair loss medicine ‘oaze Hair Beam’ for those people. Won Technology is a veteran company which has high awareness in domestic beauty treatment apparatus business. It’s natural that Dae-jeon headquarter looks like research institute.

(Photo: Won Technology’s CEO, Jong-won Kim)

Now skin beauty treatment apparatus is main business in Won Technology, and skin beauty treatment appliances account for over 70% of company sales, “At least 3~4 equipment of Won Technology is needed to open a dermatology in Korea” representative Kim express his confidence. Won Technology will concentrate to export as well as domestic demand, and in case of domestic, they will expand their business area to dentist and ophthalmology.
The rate of domestic demand was 60% (40% was export) in 2012. But export rate increased to 60% last year. “As time passed, export will increase while domestic demand will reduce” said Kim. Domestic dermatoloies are already saturated with domestic equipment while countries for export are increasing by upgrading the living standard of South America and Africa as well as China and Asia. This is Kim’s analysis, also he said ”The more living standard rise, the more demand of skin care is increased”

(Photo: CEO Kim is explaining about their helmet type laser medical apparatus for hair loss ‘oaze Beam’)

Won Technology’s products are drawing lots of attentions from China, Indonesia, India, South America, and Europe. In particular, apparatus which gets rid of tattoo is having many attentions from South America. It can be exported after permission Brazil Food and Drugs
Administration at once. The problem is what time and expense are spent too much for certification of medical equipment country by country. Medical equipment takes time approximately more than one and half year to get certification. In case of China, certification procedure is very selective compared with Korea. So it’s very encouraging that Won Technology’s export rate is over 60%.

(Photo: Personal helmet type hair loss medical apparatus ‘oaze Hair Beam’ suggestive of Korean ceramics)

oaze Hair Beam “Hand free’ hair loss curer

(Photo: Famous comedian ‘Myung-soo Park’ is a model of ‘oaze Hair Beam’, he is demonstrating the product. This product can
be used over moving, so it’s very convenient compared with other companies)

If put the oaze Hair beam on the head like hat, low power laser improves blood flow rate by stimulate scalps. This LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) promotes nutrient, it’s obtained permission by America FDA.

There are laser of 69 densely in this product. User only needs to stay as putting oaze Hair Beam for 18minutes a day over getting massage. “If user uses this product for 6 months steadily, they can see increasing a number of hair” said Kim. Also he answered to question “Danger? Effect?, If there is no effect, how could we obtain certification from Food and Drug Administration very selective, Every people can use oaze Hair Beam simply without any pain”

oaze Hiar Beam obtained certifications by KFDA, Medical CE, NET((New Excekkent Technology) and they recognized their safety and superiority by Bundang Seoul National University Hospital, Gyeongbuk University Hospital after 3 years study. They are exporting products to 39 countries including Japan, India, also they having export consults now with 47 countries.

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