WISESOLUTION provides interactive data visualization solution MODL

Smart factory-based data visualization solution MODL launched, Courtesy of WISESOLUTION

Numbers of industries are attracted by data-related solution service providers, that collect and analyze any data real time through crawling the web pages and visualize the extracted data into an interactive dashboard. A company called WISESOLUTION(Co-CEOs Jang, Sung-Sik and Yoon, Jae-Deok), a 4-year-old such service providing startup located in Korea’s one of the great IT startups incubating centers, Digital Content Company Growth Support Center (DC Center) hosted by the Ministry of Science and ICT (Minister Lim, Hyesook) and operated by National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA, President Kim, Chang Yeong) and Next-Generation Convergence Contents Industry Association(NCIA), is adding new value to data utilization with its newly launched B2B service; MODL.

WISESOLUTION is a data collecting and visualization service provider. They have built their own data crawling solution called NETAR and have been building their skillset to another level in consumer panels’ and social media platforms’ data refinement industry. The company services the data visualization solution called MODL, that helps the clients and/or users to understand their data quick and easy.

As the 4th industrial revolution accelerates, the industries in smart factory and digital transformation started to focus on data analyzing and refining solution, as well as MODL for its remarkable user-friendly visualization function. “When visualizing the data with other solutions, people face difficulties. They would have to learn to use the solution.” said Jang, the co-CEO, and added “To minimize those difficulties, we developed the solution MODL so people without expertise can visualize the extracted data quick and easy.”

Real-time interlocking and monitoring of facility environment-related data through MODL, Courtesy of WISESOLUTION

Using graphs and tables is much more effective than numbers and text when it comes to data. One of the reasons MODL is gaining vast popularity across the country is because it can deliver the value of data with an impactful interactive visualization content. MODL enhances the utilization of the data via visualization function such as dashboards and charts under industry and/or field categories, as well as interactive storytelling contents. Users only need to simply click, drag, and drop to get the data refined. Also, the dashboards, charts and other datasets can be customized easily, and it wouldn’t even have to be the developers to do so.

MODL allows users to visualize any statistical data, such as production, sales, operation, electricity usage, stock inventory, and number of visitors, etc., on the web browser without installing any program or mobile application. Also, the pages can be categorized for staff group and/or individual pages, so the teams can use MODL as a cooperation tool for team projects.

Numerous power plants, steel mills, and environmental facilities in Korea are applying MODL to visualize their system operation status and manufacturing process. “As smart factory industry is expanding its market, the demand for data solution such as MODL is also increasing.” said Jang, then added, “Various forms of public data, such as cryptocurrency, stock options and futures, currency exchange rates, are also demanding visualization of those massive numbers. To meet customers’ needs, WISESOLUTION is looking and preparing to expand the MODL’s business to B2C model.”

WISESOLUTION, as a tenant and a mentee of one of the great IT startups incubating centers in Korea, DC Center, since this April, has been backed with various supports such as consulting and/or advisory services with mentors, investors, and coordinating staffs, and networking for cooperating with other mentees. “WISESOLUTION’s vision is to become an ‘Integrated Data-Solution Provider.’ To do so, we are planning to upgrade MODL with Artificial Intelligence technology as a long-term, which will be our big leap to become an all-in-one solution provider.”

Customized dashboard’s data visualization solution MODL, Courtesy of WISESOLUTION