Wireless internet device ‘Bluepad(model: BPS-300)’

NEW YORK, USA (AVING) — <Visual News> Greenbell Systems (www.greenbell.com) has launched its new webpad, ‘Bluepad ((model:BPS-300).
This wireless internet device features 10.4-inch touch screen and is lighter than general laptops.
It runs for 3 hours and half on 3000mAh lithium-polymer battery.

It features various application solutions such as ‘home-automation’ and ‘POS’ functions.

While it is smaller than a laptop while bigger than a PDA, you can send email by using a pen on the touch screen. It can be also used as a word processor or e-book.

It supports various wireless communication modes like wireless LAN, Bluetooth, GPS, or CDMA. It also offers USB, PCMCIA, and CF card slot.