WetKeys Washable Keyboards presents its New Waterproof, Washable Computer Mouse

WetKeys Washable Keyboards has unveiled the OMWKABS04-BK, its new waterproof optical mouse with a scroll wheel that is washable.

According to the company, certain research showed that surfaces often contacted like doorknobs, railings, mobile phones, computer keyboard & mice are often underrated in cleaning protocols – while such examples like typical computer mouse has 1600 bacteria per square inch cannot be ignored. Though disinfectants and sanitizers could eliminate germs, washing them with water – the most effective method to remove them and their footprints – could damage equipment. Just like WetKeys’ remarkable waterproof keyboard and other products, WetKeys waterproof mouse can be washed in a sink like dishes.

WetKeys Washable Keyboards, the leading retailer for washable computer peripherals for decades, has a catalog of two hundred different keyboards and mice. It offers wireless keyboards and mice designed to endure harsh environments, including its cordless mouse and keyboard durable enough to be washed in dishwasher. Users can expect it will last and can be easily sanitized to promote the safety and health of the users.

The professional-grade, sealed ABS optical mouse can be cleaned with almost any antibacterial solution or soap & water to prevent cross-contamination and the spread of germs between users, patients, or shifts. It is designed to withstand repeated cleanings in dusty, dirty, and damp environments that would otherwise ruin a regular computer mouse. The familiar look and feel of this mouse make it a perfect replacement for any mouse.