[Welding Busan Korea 2010] Autowel exhibiting its submerged automated welding machine Dragon / Saw 1000

BUSAN, Korea (AVING Special Report on ‘Welding Busan Korea 2010’) — <Visual News> Autowel (www.autowel.co.kr) is participating in the Third Welding Busan Korea 2010 from November 3 to 6 and showcasing its submerged automated welding machine Dragon / Saw 1000.

Dragon / Saw 1000 is an automated welding machine that can be applied in shipbuilding, heavy industries, steel structures, and plant industries, and is easy to use with ample thermal capacity and durability. In addition, Dragon / Saw 1000 is equipped with an easy-to-use great range control board and possible adjustment of the electrode distance and the angle’s broadband.

Dragon / Saw 1000 comes in the combination of AC-AC and DC-AC and has applied the tandem method, enabling highly efficient welding through high-speed welding and high-quality bead. In addition, it is possible to save cost because of its deep penetration and narrow groove shapes. In the case of excessive load or excessive heat, it warns and stops.