VPIX Medical announces its ultra-small digital microscope at ITS 2021

VPIX Medical Inc. (CEO Kyung-min Hwang) participated in the 22nd Innovative Technology Show (ITS 2021) held at SETEC (Seoul Trade Exhibition Hall) from October 26th to 28th and presented their handheld “Ultra-small Digital Microscope.”

Ultra-small microscopes can immediately check the image of cancer tissue in the human body after injecting fluorescent dye drugs during cancer surgery. Changes in biopsy methods through ultra-small microscopes can proceed in real time during cancer surgery, from tissue image acquisition to digital image storage, it can assist communication between medical staff participating in cancer surgery. This led to innovation by converting the existing inefficient analog biopsy process into digital form.

Shortening the biopsy process, which used to take 30-40 minutes, is beneficial to patients, doctors, and both. Doctors can perform more surgeries as the operation time is shortened, and more cancer patients can receive cancer surgery opportunities. In particular, since tissue images can be provided with only one equipment, sales can be increased while lowering the cost of biopsy.

In particular, VPIX Medical’s ultra-small microscope was once again recognized for its excellence by winning the Excellence Award at the “K-Innovation Company Awards” at the ITS 2021.

Meanwhile, the main exhibition composition of ITS 2021 hosted by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups is as follows. △Smart Factory Solution Hall △Smart Manufacturing Innovation Hall △Smart Digital New Industry Hall △Smart Green New Industry Hall △Smart Service Innovation Hall.

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