[VIP ASIA 2009 H1] Duoback Korea’s functional chair ‘Duorest Alpha’

SEOUL, Korea (AVING) — <Visual News> ‘Duorest Alpha,’ a functional chair that Duoback Korea (Representative Jeong Gwan-yeong, www.duorest.com) put to the market was selected as ‘VIP ASIA 2009 H1’ by the global news network AVING.

Duorest Alpha is particular in that it has applied the mesh (net) material to the seat. Different from previous products that applied the mesh material only to the back part, it applied it to the seat as well, such that even if one sits for a long time, it has outstanding ventilation diminishing the generation of heat.

Representative Jeong Gwan-yeong of Duoback Korea said, “We have come to put forth Duorest Alpha the has applied α as an expression of a concept of plus in that it added new seat technology to the duoback technology of Duoback Korea only.” He added, “We will actively attack the office chair market following our first place in home chair market so far, with the putting to the market of this product that reflects human engineering will.”