[VIP ASIA 2006 Home appliances] Robot Cleaner – Yujin Robot ‘i-Clebo Li’

SEOUL, Korea (AVING Special Report on ‘VIP ASIA 2006 AWARD’) — <Visual News> AVING, global news network, selected Yujin Robot’s robot cleaner ‘i-Clebo Li’ for 2006 VIP (Very Important Product) Honoree in the Home appliances Category.

The i-Clebo Li features 2-step-cleaning system (dust-weeping with brush and vacuum suction) as well as side-brush and ‘corner-cleaning mode’. Powered by lithium ion battery, it can run up-to 2 hours and half per two-hour-charge. Its 7 infrared sensors combined with the company’s exclusive silicon bumper sensor technology prevent the robot from hitting any piece of furniture in the room, thereby protecting costly articles.