Various Featured Event and Seminars On Environmental Technology & Green Energy at ‘ENVEX 2014’














In the midst of ‘The 36th International Exhibition on Environmental Technology & Green Energy’, ‘Environment Field Youth Employment Expo’, ‘Environment-related various Seminar & Forum’, and diverse booth events were held.

As an event hosted by the institutions including Ministry of Environment, Korea Environmental Preservation Association, Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute, Korea Environmental Industry Association, and Congressional Future Environmental Studies Forum, environment seminar & forum will open on the June 10(Tue) to 12(Wed). ‘Korea-Europe Environment Technology Partnering Conference’, ‘Future Promising Environmental Industry Technology Seminar’, ‘Debate for how to improve Food waste disposal system & bring them to resources’, and a total of 10 seminars & forums are prepared.

Presented by the Ministry of Environment, current condition and future of the policy of environment industry technology forum, partnering conference for technician and researchers, environment industry technology seminar held by 4 countries Japan, Korea, France, and Italy, and a debate in which specialists, civic groups, and the association panel participated and shared their opinions, were opened.

In this event, numerous environment industry field workers and people with interest participated, so that the prepared space was lacking, which showed a green light for the future of Korea’s environment industry technology. More information can be found at the webpage.(

The 36th, this year’s ENVEX 2014 ( includes 186 domestic companies and 84 overseas companies from such as USA, China, Indonesia and Italy, 23 countries in total. As the biggest scaled environment show in the country, ENVEX2014 exhibits 2,000 products including latest energy products and eco-friendly technologies that will lead the industry in Korea.

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