Unique Hand-made Wooden PC Case from Artsan

SEOUL, Korea (AVING) — <Visual News> Artsan (www.artsan.fr) announced the release of its unique wooden PC cases which are not traditional, rectangular ones, made or wrapped with wood.

(Photo 1~3: PC Case Model ‘Pryde S’)

PC Cases from Artsan are all hand-made Products

It has technical innovations, like the patented ‘Neat-wires’ system, which allows the backside of the computer to be clean and plain, with all the wires coming out by one single hole.

The size system is also original, so users can get a model in different sizes(from XS series to XL series), depending on the use they need .

According to the company, they uses large fans, as large as possible, which blow more air with making less noise. Also when a component dies, it simply switches off, without firing up.

There are 14 types of wooden PC Cases and the prices are from 330 to 750 (EUR)

If you want to contact the company, you can send e-mail to contact@artsan.fr

(Photo: Case of Pryde S)