Two Steps Forward U10, comes in September

NEW YORK, USA (AVING) — <Visual News> Reigncom( has announced that it plans to release two pendant flash players, U10 and N11 in September.

Featuring with Direct Click system and 2.2 inch wide screen, U10 has caught the eyes of people in the world since it was on the exhibition last June. It comes in 512MB, 1GB according to the amount of storage and will be available from 2nd September. Suggesting price is 286,000(KRW) and 339,000(KRW) each. (except cradle)

N11, although look like N10, is an enhanced version regarding design and function. N11 facilitate the appearance with a thinner string. It also has a stylish Swarovski crystal in the center of the product. FM radio receiver is also added, which N10 did not offer.

N11 is the ultra-light and tiny device with 16 OLED, which measures 27.2×49.8×13.3㎜ and weighs 22g with battery. It runs on lithium batteries and plays for 13 hours per charge 1hour and half. It comes in two colors, black and red rose.
Suggesting price is 198,000(KRW) for 256MB, 240,900(KRW) for 512MB, 297,000(KRW) for 1GB.