Three companies selected from BEST OF KOPLAS 2021!… The latest equipment in the domestic and foreign plastic and rubber industries in one place!

In the 26th Korea International Plastics & Rubber Show (KOPLAS 2021), the global news network AVING News selected companies to receive the BEST OF KOPLAS 2021 award.

For this award, AVING News selected outstanding products based on product technology, innovation, marketability, design, and audience response. The companies will get separate news articles so that they can utilize it, and the news will also be posted in English.

For the development of the plastics and rubber industry in Korea and the promotion of international trade, Korea E&EX and Korea Plastic Processing Machine Industry Cooperative hosted this show sponsored by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, and the Korea Federation of Plastic Industry Cooperatives. The exhibition was held from Aug. 25 (Wed) to 28 (Sat).

With the first show grand opening in 1981, KOPLAS 2021 is in its 26th run this year. It has provided the venue for the plastic materials industry and also the marketing platform for various added value such as creating new markets and increasing exports by concurrently holding trade shows of other industries related to plastic and enabling mutual exchange among metals, nano, ceramics, and complex materials. To the visitors, the show provided a good opportunity to experience Korea’s plastics and rubber industries and materials and composites industries in one place.

The selected companies for BEST OF KOPLAS 2021 are as follows. △DB Chem & Dongbang Chemical △AMC △Colorant Corea

Cobot selected for “BEST OF AI KOREA 2021” | Photo by AVING News

DB Chem & Dongbang Chemical showcases color masterbatch

Since its foundation in 1972, DB Chem & Dongbang Chemical has been leading the Korean masterbatch industry for half a century. As of 2021, the company has plants in Yangsan, Gyeongnam and Gwangju, Gyeonggi in Korea and Guangdong Province in China. It has conducted R&D and manufactured color which domestic and overseas plastic manufacturers require and functional masterbatch, and is currently supplying to major SMEs and large companies in Korea and exporting to well-known clients in Germany, the US, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Japan.

DB Chem & Dongbang Chemical’s masterbatch is researched and developed, and manufactured in accordance with international standard manufacturing standards and eco-friendly standards, and is currently exported as its own brand in developed markets under EU REACH certification, EU No. 10/2011, and UL and FDA approval from the US.

Dongbang Chemical is in Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do and DBChem is in Yangsan, Gyeongnam. They handle various basic resins, and the plastic is used diversely ranging from basic use to engineering plastic, and additives.

The color masterbatch is carefully formulated to give plastic and fiber products a very stable and vivid color that is uniformly dispersed in the polymer raw material used by the customer. These colors expressed in the customer’s products do not fade in very strong temperatures, chemicals, and harsh working environments, and at the same time do not impair the mechanical properties or aesthetics of the customer’s final plastic product.

Unomic selected for “BEST OF AI KOREA 2021” | Photo by AVING News

AMC introduces PLASTECO’s supercritical foaming technology

PLASTECO is a Japanese company with unrivaled technology in the field of eco-friendly supercritical foaming technology using inert gas, and Advanced Materials & Chemicals (AMC Co., Ltd.) is the exclusive agent for PLASTECO in Korea. PLASTECO has commercialized a PLA foamed extrusion sheet production system with high magnification and high heat resistance by applying inert supercritical gas foaming technology.

The main advantages of supercritical gas foaming are eco-friendliness and stability. First, if the supercritical gas of inert gas is used, there is no residual toxicity generated during conventional chemical foaming, and global warming can be prevented. Also, uniform bubble growth can be done, and explosion-proof facilities are not required due to the quantitative supply of inert supercritical gas.

An AMC staff said PLASTECO’s supercritical foaming technology is characterized by the quantitative supply of inert supercritical gas. He said that the existing supercritical fluid supply technology had problems of the bubbles exploding when the supercritical gas is oversupplied and the bubbles overgrowing when the gas supply is insufficient. But, with PLASTECO’s technology, it was solved, and uniform gas was supplied.

AIFRICA selected for “BEST OF AI KOREA 2021” | Photo by AVING News

Colorant Corea showcases high performance & hybrid pigment SUPIA

Colorant Corea has continued to maintain relationships with numerous customers and partners for the past 21 years, serving as a hub between companies.

SUPIA HIGH PERFORMANCE PIGMENTS is an orange and red color that has a patented inorganic pigment source technology using two or more metal oxides. It has stable crystal structure that has been proven to have excellent physical properties with outstanding heat, weather, and light resistance free of heavy metals that do not migrate and has infrared reflection functions.

In particular, it is an eco-friendly, next-generation lead-free organic pigment with excellent compatibility with polyamide (PA66) and engineering plastic. This orange-type inorganic pigment has stable physical properties that can withstand high heat and high voltage cables, and has excellent compatibility with resins, so it can be applied to various industrial fields such as battery packs for electric vehicles and hydrogen vehicles that require super engineering plastics.

Also, SUPIA HYBRID PIGMENTS is a next-gen alternative pigment that effectively improves the reduced light resistance and lack of hiding power which is the physical weakness of the existing inorganic and organic pigment made of cadmium, lead, and chromium (PbCrO4) compounds, which are restricted in use due to the content of heavy metals. It is also an eco-friendly product with excellent hiding power, coloring power, and weather and light resistance that is heavy metal free, so it can be supplied in various industries in plastic, paint, and coating forms with competitive price and value. It is an outstanding product with stable physical properties.

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