THiRA-UTECH Unveils THiRAbot at the 2021 Seoul Smart Factory Conference

THiRA-UTECH (CEO Jeoung Ha Kim, Won-Cheol Cho), Korea’s leading smart factory solution provider, participated in the Seoul Smart Factory Conference 2021, the largest international conference held at the COEX exhibition center on June 15th. This year THiRA-UTECH unveiled its innovative AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) line-up ‘THiRAbot.’ In addition, THiRA-UTECH delivered keynote speech and technical presentation about the latest autonomous mobile robot trend and technology.

With the importance of smart logistics in the post pandemic era, THiRA-UTECH unveiled different models of AMR – THiRAbot 1000, 600, and 200.

THiRA-UTECH’s AMR line-up – THiRAbot 1000, 600, 200 (from right)

“THiRAbot 1000”, the flagship model has three distinctive features. The first feature is versatility. THiRAbot 1000, features a Human Follow mode that uses AI technology to identify automatically follow the target. THiRAbot 1000 is a robot that is expected to be in high demand in the future since it can easily transport cargo at factories, construction sites and distribution warehouses.

THiRAbot can automatically detect humans and follow them at a safe distance

In addition, the THiRAbot series is designed to be versatile in various industries by supporting the mount of manipulators such as lifts and conveyors.

The second feature is environmental adaptability. THiRAbot 1000 can climb a 10° incline with a maximum payload of 1ton (1000kg) even in harsh external environments. Currently, THiRAbot 1000 is the only robot capable of safe transport in harsh environments.

THiRAbot 1000 can easily climb a 10-degree slope with a maximum payload of 1 ton

The third feature is precision. THiRAbot works in cooperation with the facilities, so the precision of the destination is very important. THiRAbot is designed to arrive within ±5mm of the destination even if there is a problem or irregularity with the condition of the site floor.

In addition, when THiRAbot is combined with THiRA-UTECH’s proven smart factory solutions such as MES, WMS, WCS, etc., a more powerful automation can be achieved.

THiRAbot 1000 can collaborate with workers in various environments such as factories and warehouses

“Many companies at home and abroad are in a difficult situation due to the pandemic However, as it is said that there is an opportunity even amidst the crisis, the post-pandemic trend and demand for “unmanned automation” solutions are leading the acceleration of mart factories. From a mid- to long-term perspective, THiRA-UTECH offers a full automation-based total solution from production planning to manufacturing execution to realize the roadmap for customer’s smart factory construction, and based on the high-tech industry reference, the smart logistics industry, the autonomous driving robot, beyond the existing smart manufacturing industry. We will strive to develop new technology and target overseas markets so that we can grow as a global leading smart factory solution provider.”