The Smart Factory Industry’s Network Unfolds at “SMATOF 2021” held at Changwon Convention Center

– 74 companies participated in 265 booths at Changwon Convention Center 1 and 2.
– Gyeongnam’s only smart factory & machine exhibition ‘SMATOF 2021 ‘will be held until the 29th

View of ‘SMATOF 2021’ held atChangwon Convention Center from the 26th | Photo – AVING NEWS

Changwon International Smart Factory and Manufacturing Technology Fair (SMATOF 2021), the only smart factory and machinery exhibition in Gyeongsangnam-do hosted by Changwon City, was held at the Changwon Convention Center (CECO) on the 26th.

SMATOF 2021, which runs for four days from October 26 to 29, works with related organizations in the jurisdiction to present the vision and latest trends of smart production and hold various professional conferences to provide a network of smart factory demand and suppliers.

This year, the company will hold an upgraded smart factory and production manufacturing exhibition by specializing and segmenting smart factory-related items to reflect the needs of South Gyeongsang Province’s smart factory consumers. In particular, you can see FA solutions, IOT/M2M, industrial/manufacturing robots, software, logistics solutions, metalworking/processing, press molding and air pressure, tools, and related devices in one place.

During the exhibit, events such as new products and new technology presentations from participating companies, meetings with major companies in the jurisdiction, prize events, national tour briefings of manufacturing robots, on-site lectures by Korean machine quality masters and industry lawyers will be held.

View of ‘SMATOF 2021’ held at Changwon Convention Center from the 26th | Photo – AVING NEWS

Also, it is expected to be an opportunity to solve questions related to smart factories through seminars organized by cutting-edge companies and Digital Hope Dream conferences visited by the Korea Industry Intelligentization Association under the theme of machine vision, RFID utilization strategies, and robot utilization strategies.

The SMATOF 2021 Secretariat will thoroughly comply with the COVID-19 safety rules for the safety of visitors and participantsand will broadcast live on-site using an online platform for visitors who have difficulty visiting in person.

Details of the exhibition’s participants, side events, and online pre-registration can be found on the SMATOF website.

Lastly, on the special stage in the exhibition hall, vivid lectures by machine and quality masters and corporate support lectures by industry lawyers and prize draw events will be held by the SMATOF 2021 Secretariat.

Meanwhile, the exhibition items of SMATOF 2021 hosted by Gyeongsangnam-do and Changwon City are as follows. Smart Factory △FA Solution △IOT/M2M △Industry/Manufacturing Robot △Software △Logistics Solution / Processing, Molding Tube △Metal Machining/Pneumatic Pressure △Tools and Related Devices

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