[The London Book Fair] Featured E-book Companies at KPIPA Collective Stands

Korea’s featured E-book companies displays at the London Book Fair 2014 from Tuesday 8 – Thursday 10 April 2014, Earls Court, London.

(photo: iPortfolio)

iPortfolio aims to help publishers to digitize their titles and build their own ebook platform in the most timely and cost-effective way as possible. Along the way, they value and enrich the user experience of e-titles while staying true to the original design and page lay-out.

The Oxford Learner’s Bookshelf (OLB), is an OUP iPortfolio initiative to bring to the market highly interactive OUP books, powered by Spindle Books. “We help OUP provide e-textbooks through OLB to Abu Dhabi-based Higher Colleges.

(photo: Bookjam)

By forming mutual partnerships with over 50 Korean publishers, Bookjam controls more than half of the book app market in Korea. They boost their own developed solution called BXP (Bookjam Xtensible Publication). “We can produce highly interactive multimedia book apps with a much more sophisticated layout than any other ebook in the market and with more features EPub allows that offers social media, enables audio recording and is addible to Vimeo video, embled maps, and much more. BXP also allows auto compression of images to enable fast download that is adjusted to the resolution of the device.” Said the officials.

(photo: i-ePUB)

i-ePUB is the first e-book publisher in Korean venture business. i-ePUB’s goal is to provide global customers with e-books in various languages. It continuously tries to deliver contents information to customers effectively in a new form of e-books. i-ePUB provides Korean e-books to over 28,000 libraries and schools in the world.

In partnership with around 200 Korean companies, they currently provide around 3,000 e-books for overseas countries.

(photo: Orange Digit)

For those who want to publish their special stories or happy memories in eBook format, Orange Digit scan be a solution. It can be a special present for you, family and friends. Orange Digit Inc. offers Open Media Platform, ViewPorter™ that includes EPUB3 eBook Editor, building Cloud Server, EPUB3 Reader and digital contents server, Orange4D.

Orange Digit released ViewPorter™ EPUB3 eBook Editor for free, which is used in more than 30 countries. Many publishers and writers have published eBooks on Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, and Google Playbooks by using EPUB3 editor.

Orange4D allows content contributors on the globe to create, share and sell photos, illustrations, video footage, fonts, 3D objects, audio files and templates. Authors can purchase these elements and combine them to create their own content using Orange4D. The ecosystem of ViewPorter™ and Orange4D allows content creators to make interactive e-books fun and easy to use.

(photo: Tabon Books)

Established in June 2013, Tabon is a joint venture between leading Korean print book publisher RH Korea and GS Home shopping – Korea’s largest online shopping channel and part of the GS Group. Tabon Books is an eBook conversion, creation and distribution company dedicated to helping e-publishers sell EPUB3-spec (the format of the future) eBooks profitably. Using in-house-developed software, Tabon converts print book files into ePubs and provides for a full range of enhancements, including video, animation, interactivity and text searching.

Although still a young company, Tabon already counts Chicago-based World Book among its clients. “We came up with a portal, WorldBookOnline, that provides access to securely encrypted and rights-managed e-books on Android and iOS devices using our in-house EPUB3 Viewer, along with online access via any major web browser.” says CTO Wiki Lee.

Tabon responded to the needs by developing an online mall for eBook sellers in which every publisher has a unique presence, and gives them the freedom to sell their e-books the way they want—and if it works, they share in their success. It is a win-win situation for all.

(photo: Y Factory)

Content should appeal to children’s emotions and be designed in a way that invites children to explore, learn and be entertained. Y Factory specializes in interactive books and apps for children.

iLeoBooks, which offers app publishing services for picture books, fairy tales and storybooks. The apps feature multilingual support, text and audio synchronization, auto-play and games. One-stop solution includes developing new content, repurposing existing content, licensing special characters or animation, sourcing illustrators, launching the app and marketing it in various e-bookstores. Recently, Y Factory launched a unique app with hand-crafted woolen dolls in a story called Biber and Red Boots HD.

A cloud-based reading management system (RMS) is also in the works. It helps children grow their vocabulary, hone their understanding of the storyline, and improve their thought and creative processes through solving questions hidden in each story. This system can help parents guide their children’s reading progress through user-based recommendation algorithms.

The London Book Fair (LBF) is the global marketplace for rights negotiation and the sale and distribution of content across print, audio, TV, film and digital channels. LBF brings direct access to customers, content and emerging markets. For 2014, LBF launches London Book and Screen Week, with the book fair as the pivotal three day event within a five day programme. Korea is Market Focus country in 2014, following Turkey in 2013. Korea is one of the top ten publishing markets in the world. For further information, visit: www.londonbookfair.co.uk.

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