The Korea International Safety & Health Show ‘KISS 2022’ opens on July 4th… To showcase a large number of industrial safety solutions using excellent IoT technology!

Panoramic view of the International Safety & Health Show

The Korea International Safety & Health Show (KISS 2022) will be held from July 4 to 7 at KINTEX, Korea.

In the past, Korea has made great efforts to prevent occupational accidents and reduce the number of fatalities. Thanks to these efforts, occupational accidents have reduced compared to the past, but in order to minimize the incidence of occupational accidents, the strengthened Occupational Safety and Health Act (a legal system called ‘Serious Accident Punishment Act.’) is being enforced starting from this year, and there is a lot of attention on it.

The International Safety & Health Show, which will be held during these times of heightened interest, is Korea’s oldest and largest industrial safety and health exhibition and is hosted by the Korea Occupational Safety and Health Corporation and organized by the Korea Safety and Health Association.

The exhibition has been growing every year since opening in 1983, and the International Safety & Health Show’s major exhibition items have been industrial safety and protective equipment, occupational health and occupational health, disaster prevention industry, process safety management and gas industry, laboratory safety management, smart safety, and public service.

This year, 180 companies will participate, and 720 booths will be operated with a total area of ​​15,000 square meters, the largest exhibition ever.

According to an official from the exhibition secretariat, “As the response to the COVID-19 gradually shifts to an endemic, we can expect visits from safety and health managers at worksites and safety purchasing managers at domestic and overseas industrial sites to increase significantly. In addition to traditional PPE, industrial safety solutions that make use of Korea’s excellent IoT technology will also be exhibited, which we are looking forward to.”

More details can be found on the official website of the exhibition.

Visitors at the International Safety * Health Show