The Future and Possibility of Automobile Industry, ‘Daegu International Future Vehicle Expo’ Ended with Success


‘The Daegu International Future Vehicle Expo (2017, DIFA)’, hosted by Daegu City and the National Academy Engineering of Korea, conducted by Korea Intelligent Automotive Parts Promotion Institute and EXCO, was held at Daegu EXCO from November 23rd to 26th, it ended in great success.

Despite the chilly weather, more than 500 people participated in the expert forum held for two days, and more than 50,000 visitors attended the exhibition where they were able to meet all the fields of the futuristic automobile. The Daegu International Future Vehicle Expo, held for the first time this year, shared new technologies and trends related to future automobiles and supported local auto industry development. In addition, forums, exhibitions and various other events attracted many visitors.


The forum opened with the opening ceremony of the first day, followed by keynote speeches by Gilles Normand, vice chairman of Renault Samsung Motors Co., Ltd. and Kwon Moon-Shik, vice chairman of Hyundai Motor Investment & Securities Co., Ltd., followed by four lectures and discussions of 74 domestic and foreign automobile experts at the four sessions of autonomous cars, electric cars and tuning cars. Gilles Normand, vice chairman of Renault Samsung Motors Co., Ltd. and Kwon Moon-Shik, vice chairman of Hyundai Motor Investment & Securities Co., Ltd., each of whom are keynote speakers, have drawn attention by introducing their future investment plans. In particular, vice chairman Kwon Moon-Shik told auto parts companies, “Do not rely on the needs of carmakers, but lead the way in new technologies with global competitiveness.” This message is conveyed encourage an effort to develop new technologies and adapt to future car market changes in the local industry of auto parts.

Gilles Normand, vice chairman of Renault Group, introduced the goal of lowering the price of electric cars from those of diesel locomotives and gradually making a price difference from 2020, emphasizing the key challenge for the future car market is to mass-produce electric cars and secure price competitiveness. Gilles Normand vice chairman said, “I want to cooperate with Daegu City in the future and lead the electric car era.” The Renault Group, which is building the Asia and Pacific Vehicle Testing Center at the Daegu Driving Test Center, is continuing its cooperative relationship with the Daegu city through a consortium with the Daedong Industry to develop a 1-ton electric commercial vehicle, raising expectations for Renault Group’s regional investment.

“I was worried about the participation of the forum in the province, but it was more than expected thanks to the outstanding professional lineup and interest in the future of automobiles,” said Sung Myeong-Ho, director of the Intelligent Automotive Parts Promotion Institute, and showed his confidence by also saying “I will make a more advanced forum in accordance with the industrial trends, and build up a more advanced forum.”

In the case of exhibitions, global automobile companies such as Hyundai Motor, Renault Samsung, Tesla and BYD, automobile parts companies and research institutes filled the entire floor, and the exhibition hall was filled with enthusiasm by 50,000 spectators.

Especially, this exhibition is regarded as an exhibition that could meet the supply chain of future automobile in one place, from finished car to materials, parts, and various fusion technologies with respect to all fields of future automobiles such as autonomous vehicles, electric cars and tuning cars. A representative from Daegu City has impacted a meaning to the fact that global automobile companies are showing new cars and leading the market changes, and that auto parts companies in Daegu have demonstrated their technological capabilities and are trying to preoccupy the future market.

In addition, 16 start-up companies participated in the start-up zone, a program for start-up planned especially by Daegu City, which attracted visitors and attracted many citizens who wanted to buy an electric car in the electric car line-up hall, a high interest in electric cars was shown. It was an opportunity to help ordinary citizens understand the future automobile and the local automobile industry through various exhibitions and experience programs that show the electric bus special building, convergence technology.

Daegu City also hosted an export consultation meeting and investment promotion seminar to help business activities through this event. 44 buyers from 39 companies in 16 countries participated in export conferences, and 272 export consultations were conducted. The consultation amount was $1.64billion, and the projected result was $90 million. Daegu Investment Promotion Seminar was attended by about 70 people including businessmen and investors from home and abroad. It continued investment consultation and networking between companies to attract investment in Daegu industrial complex and explore joint venture investment by local companies. Four companies such as Daeyoungchaevi, and Sungjinfoma promoted their technology and attracted investors’ attention.

In addition, Daegu City signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the 4th Industrial Revolution Forum of National Assembly and the Daegu Metropolitan City Future Vehicle Industry to secure a foundation for future support for the National Assembly. Daegu City has concluded a business agreement with the British Embassy, which actively participated in the events, such as opening a joint venture hall and holding seminars, promising mutual exchange and cooperation support of the automobile companies of the two countries.

“Daegu has started the historic first step of Daegu International Future Vehicle Expo,” said Mayor, Kwon Young-Jin, of Daegu City who planned the Expo and supervised until the end, also said “I will try to foster local industries so that the whol world can focus on Daegu and gather in Daegu.” He also showed his ambition by saying that “we will continue to develop the Daegu International Future Vehicle Expo as the worlds’ best future car exposition by continuously pursuing policies to take the lead in the future automobile market.”

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