The Era of Light Has Come! Opening of ‘International Photonics Exhibition’


“International Photonics Exhibition 2015” (Photonics Korea 2015 for short), the largest exhibition focusing on the domestic photonics industry, started on Oct. 7.

Major guests from related fields graced the opening ceremony with their presence, including Yun Jang-hyeon, mayor of Gwangju Metropolitan City; Park il-jun, head of Industrial Policy Division of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Resources; politician Jang Byeong-wan; Mun Tae-hwan, vice chairman of Gwangju City Council; Gwangju MBC CEO Choi Yeong-jun; Michel Bouquain, chair of IEC TC86; Maria Scott, councilor at the Danish Embassy; and Muhammad El Bashir Jak, councilor at the Senegal Embassy.

Lee Jae-hyeong, the president of the Korea Association for Photonics Industry Development, delivered the opening speech. He said: “Photonics Korea 2015 is being held on the largest scale in the country, with major domestic companies in the photonics industry participating in the event. I hope that through this exhibition, there will be a paradigm shift for business partnership models among small, medium, and large companies. Also, I hope the event will give marketing opportunities and practical benefits to related companies, so they can advance into the global market.”


The awards ceremony was held by the government for companies and people who have made contributions to the development of the photonics industry. TECHEN CEO Lee Yeong-sub received the Prime Minister’s Award, and KLTECH CEO Park Gyeong-il and three other companies won the Minister’s Award from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Resources. ALTECH and four other companies received commendations from Gwangju Metropolitan City, and Son Jae-pil, a senior researcher at the Korean Electronics Technology Institute, and five others received commendations for their important contributions.

A total of 222 companies and organizations ran 369 booths at “International Photonics Exhibition”, an event for the “International Year of Light”, which was designated by the UN this year. Major domestic companies, including Dongbu Lightec, LG Innotek, SKT, and KEPCO, participated in the event. Also, the exhibition established its position as a global event, as 195 buyers with real purchasing power from 27 countries were invited. Active marketing exchanges were expected to be spurred.


Along with the exhibition, the regular general assembly meeting of IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) TC 86, hosted by the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards and organized by the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute and the Korea Association for Photonics Industry Development, was held simultaneously from Thursday the 1st to Friday the 9th at Kimdaejung Convention Center. One hundred-fifty international photonics experts from 20 countries took part in the meeting. They discussed international technology standards and next-generation technical specifications of optical communication components.

With organizations in Naju Innovation City and research institute-supporting groups from 18 photonics industrial clusters, including the Korean Photonics Technology Institute, the Advanced Photonics Research Institute, the National Radio Research Agency, Gwangju Technopark, and Jeonnam Technopark, the exhibition showcased a promotion hall for photonics industry development and a next-generation future technology experience center. This will give a glimpse into the future direction of promising photonics technology and the industry as a whole.

The event provided visitors with plenty of sights and sounds, including educating about the effects of electromagnetic waves on human bodies, the Japanese OLED-themed pavilion, the LED landscape-lighting experience hall, the National Drone Flight Competition, industry-academy cooperation and business-group links in the Honam area, the Photonics Industry Co-Brand Promotion booth, the Media Artist LED & OLED Convergence Exhibition, the display of award-winning works from an outdoor advertisement competition, classical and jazz cultural performances, and free giveaways for lucky visitors.

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