The “BEST OF WOW 2021 Awards” Selects Companies Participating in the Digital Integrated Exhibition Hall (WOW) of ICT companies and leading global media!

Leading foreign media outlets from China, France, Vietnam, and the United States selected the nominee for “BEST OF WOW 2021 Awards” within companies participating in the World Online ICT shoW. (WOW)

The companies selected for the “TOP 5,” has excellent product technology among WOW participants, and five media outlets from five countries, including China (SINA), France (Lecafedugek), Vietnam (Vietnamplus), the United States (Geekazine), and AVING USA, participated.

The selection process was strictly selected according to the sum of the final collection scores of 80% of written screening and 20% of visitor evaluations in each country’s media managers.

The Ministry of Science and ICT (Minister Hye-sook Lim) and the Korea Association ICT Promotion (President Jung-ho Park) held this award to provide global promotional opportunities such as overseas news reports to WOW participating companies in management difficulties.

The companies that won the Best of WOW 2021 Awards selected by media around the world are as follows.

There are a total of five companies: △Cloud N (Selected by Lecafugeek, France), △ETRI (Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Selected by China SINA), △StudioCoin (Selected by AVING USA), △jastecM (Selected by Geekazine, USA), and △Safeware (Vietnam Plus).

△ Cloud N

Cloud N has more than 10 years of R&D experience in the field of R&D research and development, as well as eco-friendly building consulting, ESCO energy saving design consulting, energy environment software and hardware system development.

△ Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI)

Since its establishment in 1976, the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) is the largest ICT (Information and Communication Technology) government-funded research institute in Korea that has led the remarkable growth of the Korean information and communication industry.

In addition, it supports national innovative growth through the development of superintelligence, super-performance, hyper-connectivity, and ultra-realistic technologies.

△ Studio Coin

Studio Coin Co., Ltd. (CEO Sae-ron Kim) is a company specializing in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) that expands children’s dreams to infinity by realizing spaces and objects that have not actually been experienced.

Recently, it entered the healthcare field and recently developed a digital treatment device to help patients suffering from “post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)” in traffic accidents and received approval for the first clinical trial of a digital medical device in Gwangju.

△ JastecM

JastecM (CEO Yong-beom Baek) was established by the merging of Jastec Co., Ltd., an auto inspection equipment development company that has accumulated technology know-how since 1990, and Infinity Plus Co., Ltd., an IoT solution company. Since its foundation in 2016, it has been leading the global standard in ISO TC204 WG17 (Smart Transportation Division) with continuous technical research and achieved one international standard establishment in December 2020. Currently, it is supplying cheaper and more optimized automobile IoT products in line with the evolving IoT environment.


Safeware is a company that develops and manufactures wearable airbags for protecting human bodies. It has developed and commercialized safety systems in various fields, including industrial fall protective suits, bikes, horseback riding, water sports, and life jackets for elderly fall protective suits, anti-infant suffocation airbags, and drone throwing life tubes.

In recognition of its excellence, it was selected as a TOP3 startup selected by IEEE at CES 2020 in the United States and is recognized for its technology and innovation at home and abroad, including excellent procurement products and excellent innovation prototypes.