[The 7th KCC Press Party] Future Robot Showed ‘FURO,’ a Smart Robot Capable of Emotional Interactions

Future Robot (CEO Se-Kyeong Song, www.futurerobot.com) participated in ‘The 7th Korea Communications Conference Press Party’ on May 11, 2011 and introduced ‘FURO,’ a helper robot equipped with emotion interaction technology.

‘FURO’ is a robot which has applied HRI(Human-Robot Interaction) technology. Its feature is that the robot helps guide and take orders while allowing the customer to have fun and enjoy a sense of closeness while interacting with it as the robot assumes the intent of a person approaching it.

It uses a large (22 inch) touch display, and can express emotion with gestures as it is applied with a special mechanism that express various expressions and neck movement just like a human.

Furthermore, the operation status of the robot and its surroundings can be monitored in real-time from the central control room, and change in services or comments of the robot can be controlled from a remote location. Payment service is also available in connection to the POS system of the shop by mounting a credit card reader or receipt printer.

Future Robot provides development of all solutions and consulting in making a robot from the stage of concept planning to hardware, software, and contents.  The company explains that FURO is a robot that can replace necessary personnel in restaurants, exhibitions, and hospitals by mounting a HRI service engine, and can provide services which were originally done by humans.

(Picture: The ‘Future Robot’ is announcing the press party starts to many participants including journalists from overseas from 12 countries)

(Picture: An AVING reporter is interviewing a participant in front of media wall)

(Picture: Journalists are examining the products)

Meanwhile, journalists from 12 countries invited by Korea Communications Commission had taken part in this press party for coverage of participants’ new product and technology. And global news network AVING had also covered them as an official media partner of this event.

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