‘The 6th Yacht&Boat Korea 2012’ closed in great success!

‘The 6th Yacht&Boat Korea 2012’, which closed lat month, closed in great success by drawing as many as one hundred thousand people.

Boat, Yacht, Engine, Related tools and materials, leisure boat and canoe-kayak were displayed at CECO (Changwon Exhibition Convention Center), Changwon si, Gyeongsangnam-do and Power boat and Catamaran were exhibited at the part of Jinhae-ru, Jinhae Gu, Gyeongsangnam-do.

Also at the part of Jinhae-ru, varied cultural performances and additional events such as canoe-kayak enjoying downtown, skin-scuba and sailing education of Dinghy Yacht  were run and caught the eyes of participates.

In case of drawing contest children, 1,200 participates of family units registered with a500 works.

(Photo: Du-gwan Kim (governor of Gyeongnam), Munsu Kim (governor of Gyeonggi-do), Wan-su Park (mayor of Changwon-si) and important figures)

Information exchanging and mutual cooperation was secured by signing MOU between Gyeonggi-do and Gyeongsangnam-do to leading the Marine leisure Industry of KOREA with balanced development.

International Prestige are Soared as a Hub for Information exchanging and International Networking

‘Korea International Boat Show (‘The 6th Yacht&Boat Korea 2012) bore abundant fruit following last year.

DaeDong Marine Tech  made a MPU contract on the day of opening and they made another contract with Turkey based company to the amount of $700,000. KOREA Turbine cut a deal of MOU with ACG and other companies to the amount of $ 530

In addition, 10 companies based Gyeongnam including Magic Korea, Woonam Marine, Miri, Saeyoung, D-I industry and others got a fruitful consulting outcome to the amount of $ 8,950,000. Total consulting outcome during exhibition is $ 5,740,000 for 62 companies and Total on-site contracted price is $2,580,000 for 31 companies.

The Association of KOREA Offshore Plant Special Companies and The Brazil shipbuilder’s association cut a MOU deal at the Business Reception. With this contract, The 6th Yacht and Boat KOREA was secured their position as Global Hub which can build business network between countries.

Suggest a direction of marine leisure industry development with variety and professional business programs

‘The 2nd Global Marina Forum’ was run focusing on the Marin leisure Education. Famous speakers who comes from AMI, MIAA and others led the program to promote specialists in marine leisure field.

‘The 6th Yacht & Boat KOREA’ provided an opportunity which can establishes the direction of development to Domestic marine leisure companies, they also offered a chance which can come across Marine leisure culture easily to people.

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