TENELEVEN Introduces ‘BUILDIT’, an AI Architectural Design Solution, at ‘COMEUP 2022’… “5 Days’ Worth of Architectural Design in Just 30 Minutes with AI!”

Provided By – TENELEVEN

TENELEVEN (CEO Lee Ho Young) will attend ‘COMEUP 2022’, which will be held in Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) in Seoul for 3 days between November 9th(Wed) and 11th(Fri), and introduce ‘BUILDIT’, their AI-based automated architectural design solution.

TENELEVEN is a ‘ConTech (Construction Technology’ company that combines architectural design and construction technology based on IT technology to optimize and revolutionize the construction process. They are growing as a ConTech company that optimizes the entire process of construction from the beginning to the end, from site review, prefab construction, and follow-up management, based on AI technology.

‘BUILDIT’ is an AI technology-based solution developed by TENELEVEN that reviews land laws and arranges the shape, location, and orientation of buildings to automatically create design plans that maximize floor area ratio, building coverage ratio, number of households, and amount of sunlight. In addition, the view scores of each household, checking to see if coverage of sunlight exceeds limits, minimization of sunlight denial to surrounding buildings, and eco-friendly analysis have all been improved.

‘BUILDIT M’ is an attractive futuristic construction technology that minimizes all the problems that can occur for prefabricated modular construction businesses on construction sites for homes, schools, shops, and buildings, such as noise pollution, dust, civil complaints, and accidents.

Provided By – TENELEVEN

A spokesman for the company said that “Buildings to be used in the background were being made with auto-created models in game development. The idea of combining relevant element technologies and reflecting architectural codes to use in the real world led to the birth of ‘BUILDIT’, the AI design solution we have now.” They went on to explain that “Major construction companies and design companies in Korea are using it as our clients, and local government and public institutions are using it as well. Winning awards like the Minister’s Award from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport, and Unity Korea Grand Prize, it has been recognized externally as well.”

TENELEVEN researched and is soon to launch technologies that have practical eco-friendly effects, such as wind path analysis, carbon emission prediction, eco-friendly energy analysis, light reflection analysis. It is expected that these technologies will rise as element technologies necessary for major construction companies and apartment brands to keep ESG management.

Having its 4th iteration this year, ‘COMEUP 2022’ was hosted by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups (Minister Young Lee) and organized by the Korea Startup Forum (Chairman Jaewook Park). Startups, investors, and people related to startups from over 15 countries attended, and this year in particular was the start of COMEUP’s rebranding from the previous government-private collaboration to the private-led event that it is now, as it aims to become a global Top 5 startup event. With the slogan of ‘WE MOVE THE WORLD’, the event was conducted both on and offline, and had various programs like Academic Conferences (Conference), Open Innovation Strategy of Global Companies (Open Innovation), COMEUP Stars Company Introduction (IR) and Booth Exhibitions, and Business Matching (Biz Matching).