T.J.MAXX brand content production with K-beauty brand SOQU and Influencer in North America

G1BIO Co., Ltd. (CEO Woo-sik Kim), Korean cosmetic supplier, which supplies global brand SOQU cosmetics to the world, is working on contents on the theme of SOQU brand with influencers in North America and stores TJMAXX in the U.S. through the ‘Brand Marketer Matching Support Project’ of the Gangwon-do Economic Promotion Agency.

Production of cosmetic contents and social media distribution are expected to support offline sales of T.J.MAXX, the local store where the Korea brand is entered, together with local influencers in North America, and to contribute to expanding the distribution of influence rewards centered on D2C online SOQU brand commerce.

First campaign SOQU review @darimudrova

New York TJMAXX brand content creation and social media marketing influencer is DARIA MUDROVA, a model who won 3rd place in the international diaspora beauty contest, a columnist of Cosmopolitain magazine, and a brand ambassador for Marie Claire, Instyle, Vassa & Co, and Forms. She started her career on Instagram @darimudrova and YouTube channel Daria Mudrova.

DARIA MUDROVA video contents, which is produced in New York, exposes the T.J.MAXX store and store display of SOQU products, and is produced as content that can give a glimpse of New York lifestyle.

SOQU is making a continuous marketer reward partnership program through brand reward distribution codes and QR codes at the time influencers share content on social media

Ongoing brand marketer reward partnership program of SOQU will be held simultaneously in Los Angeles and Montreal, Canada along with New York.

And it is expected to be a new alternative to global online, offline marketing, and non-face-to-face global distribution methods due to the prolonged COVID-19.