Strategic products of iriver Japan

1. World Class Company – exhibition center tour – iriver plaza shibuya ②

TOKYO, Japan (AVING Special Report on ‘World Class Brand in Japan’) — <Visual News> If you can look into the inside of iriver plaza through domed window placed in front of the building, you can see the full view of the plaza behind a display of strategic products of iriver japan. It seems to indicate the key success factor of iriver japan – ‘product’ as the first priority rather than a company.

(Picture: You can see the domed acryl placed before the products, which produce a witty display effect)

(Picture: There is a particular place where you can experience popular products in the plaza)

(Picture: The shop manager said that Japanese consumers are attracted to H10 junior model a lot due to its simple interface)

(Picture: iriver N10, a pendant type MP3P, is one of the favorite products in Japan as well as in Korea)

(Picture: iriver U10. A limited special edition U10 has been released on the Japanese market, taking the advantage of ‘the Korean wave’ The back of the MP3P has the autograph of Bae, Young Joon, a famous Korean movie star)

<AVING Special Report Team in Tokyo: Editor&Publisher, Kevin Choi, Phobe Kwon, Annie Park, Hyunok Kim, Jongmin Lee correspondents of AVING to Japan, edited by Daniel Sirh>