Sticky Hands presents a hybrid solitaire game at the ‘KOREA-U.S. STARTUP SUMMIT’….‘A unique game with good playing experience’

Min-woo Kim, CEO of Sticky Hands (left), who talks with Leo Thevenet, CEO of French media Lecafedugeek│shooting-Aving News

Sticky Hands (CEO Min-woo Kim) participated in the ‘KOREA-U.S. STARTUP SUMMIT’ held at Pier 17, New York, USA from September 20 (Tuesday) to 21 (Wednesday, local time). .

Mobile game developer Sticky Hands specializes in the development of unique casual games. The team aims to become a professional development team that is loved by users around the world because they are ‘unique games with a good playing experience’. Since 2017, it has been servicing solitaire game series such as Age of Solitaire, Solitaire Cooking Tower, Solitaire Farm Village and Solitaire Cat Island. Of those, the most representative game is Solitaire Farm Village, which has so far achieved 2 million downloads and $6.12 million in revenue over 3 years.

Solitaire Farm Village is a traditional solitaire game, but it is also a hybrid game in which you run a farm and develop a village while playing the game. Other solitaire games have only one Klondike rule, but according to Sticky Hands, Solitaire Farm Village has Klondike, Spider, Pyramid, and Free cell, which makes the game more fun. Users can collect cards and farm animals by following the story and earn rewards while playing solitaire games.

Minwoo Kim, CEO of Sticky Hands, said, “Unlike existing traditional solitaire games, Solitaire Farm Village provides the results of the game as simulation elements such as the creation of buildings or pets or expansion of the village to induce continuous play without boredom. The element of having to collect cards and pets stimulate users’ desire to collect which drives sales.”

Part of Sticky Hands’ Hybrid Solitaire Game │source-Sticky Hands

“If we can get an opportunity to collaborate with famous overseas character companies or IP companies through this event, we will be able to provide more recognizable content in the global market. We have established our company as one that makes solitaire well to the point that we have become a subsidiary of Neowiz Games. Going one step further, we want to expand our scope to a company that makes casual games well. Thus, we are developing a merge puzzle game as our next project.”

On the other hand, the Korea-U.S.STARTUP SUMMIT hosted by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups(Minister Young Lee) and supervised by the Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development(Director Yongmoon Kim) and Korea Venture Investment is providing scene of network between South Korean startups and global companies, VC and startups from New York with the nickname Silicon Alley where ecosystem and IT industry are well-developed. Through this event, they are seeking new business models of K-startups and advances into the global market, and promotes domestic investment of global capital. During the event, a corporate PR booth (joint pavilion between large corporation-startup) was set up, and U.S. VC and investment attraction IR, AC, Tech Media, and meetups and seminars were held with companies succeeded to enter the U.S. market.

Min-woo Kim, CEO of Sticky Hands, talks with U.S. tech YouTuber Geekazine │shooting-Aving News