SONY Style, Humane Technology

(Picture: the main entrance of SONY Plaza)

(Picture: ‘Stealth’, SONY Pictures Entertainment)

(Picture: there is an advertisement of ‘AIBO’ at the entrance of SONY Plaza)

1. World Class Company – exhibition center tour – SONY Plaza ②

TOKYO, Japan (AVING Special Report on ‘World Class Brand in Japan’) — <Visual News> ‘AIBO’ is the very first one that welcomes you when you enter the SONY Plaza. ‘AIBO’ doesn’t have a particular practical function like a cleaning robot or industrial robot, but it is a creative model in that it reacts to people’s emotional changes or external surroundings by itself.

If you press the button on the head five times in a row, AIBO becomes happy right away while it becomes sad when left alone. He gets angry about noises or disturbing circumstances. When the outside gets dark, he feels sleepy. You can observe these changes from the eye color, facial expression, motions, or postures of AIBO.

In this regard, AIBO is an exemplary product in this ‘ubiquitous’ environment which makes digital devices to serve human by this kind of interaction. And SONY seems to like to convey its unique style towards humane technology through AIBO.

(Picture: ‘HDR-HC1’, HD handy camcorder for family use)

(Picture: this screen is taken by HD Handy camcorder)

(Picture: advertisement of AIBO (left), advertisement for Handycam(right); it encourages parents to record from birth to childhood of a child with a handycam)

(Picture: AIBO, entertainment robot of SONY)

(Picture: the 1st floor of SONY Plaza)

(Picture: stairs to the 2nd floor of SONY Plaza)

(Picture: the 2nd floor of SONY Plaza is designed under the collaboration with that there are interesting things to look around)

(Picture: the view of 1st floor looked down from the
2nd floor)

<AVING Special Report Team in Tokyo: Editor&Publisher, Kevin Choi, Phobe Kwon, Annie Park, Hyunok Kim, Jongmin Lee correspondents of AVING to Japan, edited by Daniel Sirh>