Solar Light Korea, Introduces Functional Transparent Multi-Film that Considers Health at ‘2021 I-STARTUP’

Provided – Solar Light Korea

Provided – Solar Light Korea

Solar Light Korea (CEO Jun-dong Kim) will participate in the booth of Incheon National University at ‘2021 I-STARTUP(Incheon Startup Venture HANMADANG) to be broadcast live online on Thursday Nov. 25, 2021.

Solar Light Korea has developed multi-functional transparent film, 2D substrate and high-performance transparent electrode based on self-generating transparent photoelectric device technology, and has prepared for application to ultra-low power IoT device and integrated building transparent solar cells. In addition, Solar Light Company has developed original and application technology through cooperation by establishing industry-university research system with the next generation energy fusion research institute of Incheon National University and has provided various kinds of process design service and customized devices required by customers as a research-oriented company.

Provided – Solar Light Korea

Transparent multi-film to be showcased at this exhibition absorbs and reflects the infrared rays and ultraviolet rays, blocks the ultraviolet rays, the cause of skin aging and eye disease so that it is effective for saving energy with heat-blocking effects. In addition, it can be applied to vehicles and residential buildings due to its high visible light transmittance feature and is the multi-functional product that can protect the health of customers with application of electromagnetic wave shielding and antibacterial properties to various electronic devices.

The official of Solar Light explained “We are expected to pursue friendly technology competition with existing companies by informing the excellence of multi-functional transparent smart window product, the next generation, as well as transparent multi film currently under development, and ultimately to contribute to achieving development of environment-friendly future technology.”

Meanwhile, 2021 I-STARTUP (Incheon Startup Venture HANMADANG)) hosted by Incheon Metropolitan City and Incheon Regional Small and Medium Venture Business Administration is the It is a startup event for creation. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, it will be held as an all-online event, and an online exhibition hall will be operated on the official website from November 15 (Mon) to December 31 (Fri). The online live broadcast will be held on YouTube Live on Thursday, November 25. Participating organizations are as follows. △Incheon Center for Creative Economy & Innovation △Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute △Incheon Youth Entrepreneurship Academy △Incheon Venture Business Association △Incheon Techno park △Incheon National University △Inha University △Korea Polytechnics

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