Smart farm solution company Firmmit proves technological power with Firmmit Strawberry Container made by growth manual from 127 leading farms

The government announced smart farm fostering policy and support methods last month, suggesting rural areas as a key space for the Korean New Deal, and the smart farm system from the smart farm solution company Firmmit is drawing attention.

Strawberry indoor farm

Firmmit’s strawberry container farm is a solution that can grow high-quality Korean strawberries in Southeast Asia by applying optimal strawberry growing conditions. Based on the data from 127 leading farmers, the optimal growth manual has been secured, and delicious Korean strawberries can be produced by using the exact amount of light in Jeolla-do created by flexible LED.

Strawberry indoor farm

The company staff said, “The nutrient solution that supplies nutrients is a micro nutrient solution, which is reduced to 1/20 of the general nutrient solution, and by using a rail-type multistage bed, the yield has been increased to 24 times compared to facility cultivation. Anyone can easily grow crops if they use our growth manual.”

Modular hydroponic cultivation machine

He then said, “Since the company was established in October 2017, its sales was 130 million won in 2018, 1.87 billion won in 2019, and 4 billion won in 2020. The sales target for 2021 is 6.7 billion won, and the contribution to sales from container strawberry solution and hydroponic cultivators for home is expected to increase. In October 2020, the company was selected for the TIPS program with 100 million won worth of seed investments and we are going to hold the next investment round in the first half of this year.”

Aquaphonics for home

Regarding the future plans, he said, “Firmmit’s Strawberry Container is targeting 30 branches in 15 countries around the world by 2025 starting with the entry into the Southeast Asian market. As the number of branches increases, it forms a sales structure in which the profit rate increases due to the license profit. We selected strawberries among several crops because they require advanced cultivation techniques. If the strawberry container solution goes into the market, we can expect to expand to other crops.”