SKONO, Two Types of ‘Mesh’ Shoes to Kick the Summer Heat and Rain Away

The summer heat is approaching and also the raining season is to follow.  Flip-flops are too unconventional and sandals can cause a fashion tragedy.  So why not choose a shoe that allows your feet to feel the breeze.

Skono ( the fashion brand from Norway has launched a new two types of ‘Mesh’ sneakers.

‘Noa Breeze’ is produced by ‘mesh’ material to give it a slip-on style comfortability. The breathable mesh material is widely used as sportswear for outdoor activities and with water, it  dries quickly, even during the rainy season which is useful for traveling.

The vibrant colors (hot pink, lime, white, and navy) offered by the series of the ‘Noa Breeze’ will re-energize anyone during the gloomy rainy season.

(Photo: NOA COZY)

‘Noa Cozy’ feels like it is wrapped around your feet, and similar to ‘Noa Breeze’, it is produced from mesh material as well.  The velcro strap gives the consumer controllability and comfortability because you can control the tightness.  The leather patch that in the heel of the shoes gives it the support you need for comfortable wear.

Representative of Skono stated that the ‘Noa Breeze’ and ‘Cozy’ is a premium summer line that was designed to allows consumers to full enjoy the outdoor and water activities.  Even though it is produced with poly-mesh and soles for quick drying, it is not a shoe specialized only for aquatic activities.

Skono is holding an event till the 30th for its launch of Venn Eden and Mesh Shoes.  For everyone who purchases the newly released shoes will receive slipper socks.  And one person will be chosen to receive a Sony Camera if they write a review of the shoes with photo.