SJ NAIL Introduces Ingrown Toenail Care Product “Krallegel” at the 2021 K-Chemical Cyber Exhibition


SJ NAIL Co., Ltd. (CEO Don-jin Lee) participated in the 2021 K-Chemicals Cyber Exhibition.

SJ NAIL supplies more than 20,000 products, including beauty, hair, and cosmetics, as well as nail products. There are also 10 nail & beauty outlets in operation, including Seoul and Busan. It is also exporting its products to various countries around the world, including Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Qatar, Panama, Brazil, and South Africa.

SJ NAIL introduced the premium nail brand Lupine and semi-permanent pigment brand FIXME. The main products include Lupine gel nail polish, Krallegel for ingrown toenails, Eyelash Tonic & Essence, and Moisture Finger-off Hand Pack.

First of all, Lupine Gel is made by only using ICID ingredients, an international cosmetics raw material, to minimize nail damage and make safe products. Lupine Gel, which uses raw materials harmless to the human body, has the advantage of good color and gloss. It has more than 100 popular trend colors and presents new collections every season.

Lupine Dalgona Collection | Photo – SJ NAIL

In addition, the semi-permanent pigment FIXME, developed by researchers specializing in medical device manufacturers, is a safe pigment harmless to the human body, with excellent coloring. FIXME passes strict tests by the Korean government and produces self-inspection numbers with certification. It does not contain heavy metals such as formaldehyde, phenol, and paraben, and is produced through sterilization, so you can use the product with confidence.

The Moisture Finger-Off Hand Pack has a moisturizing fermented ingredient that makes dry and rough hands smooth and moist, and 10 herbal ingredients protect sensitive skin to make it healthy and lively. In addition, it is a hand care sheet pack that manages nails and cuticles by intensively supplying nutrients to nutritious shea butter and macadamia oil components.

The newly released Krallegel in August 2021 is a hard gel type and is recommended when it is difficult to walk with △ ingrown toenails or when the toenails continue to dig into the skin even after management △ and when the toenail grows into a C curve that makes it difficult to manage.

Treatment or care of ingrown toenails was a tricky task, requiring lift tools, adhesives, and braces. Krallegel is a product that allows even beginners to easily care for introverted claws in a short time. Krallegel, which uses the reverse pinching phenomenon of gel nail polish, does not require an ingrown toenail correction strip device or a care kit that puts a brace on the areas of hand and toenail symptoms. Furthermore, even after applying it, there is no discomfort whatsoever, so there is no inconvenience in daily life, and there is no indication, so you can use color gel together.


An official from SJ NAIL said, “We want to promote the excellence of Korean nail products through this exhibition. In particular, the newly released Krallegel will be helpful to many people suffering from ingrown toenails, they said. “Our slogan is Clean Beauty For You, and we want to continue to develop and introduce reliable products suitable for the slogan.”

Meanwhile, the 2021 K-Chemicals Cyber Exhibition, an online exhibition in the field of chemistry, opened in March and is always in operation, and currently has 270 chemical-related companies. It supports overseas marketing of domestic companies in a contact-free manner and boasts the largest scale in Korea where you can see various product information of industrial chemicals (paint, adhesive, surfactant, MDI, Polybutene, polyol, catalyst, foaming agent, additives, pipes, living plastics, additives, etc.) and cosmetics (sunblock, lotion, shampoo, face masks, etc.).

The chemical industry is closely linked to major industries such as electronics and automobiles and is especially at the center of the global issue of carbon neutrality. In line with this, the Korea Precision Chemical Industry Promotion Association (KSCIA), the organizer, is helping domestic chemical companies advance overseas through various support such as export, research and analysis, technical standards, HDR support, and international agreements. Based on companies entering online permanent exhibition halls in the chemical sector, it has accumulated more than $136 million in 2021 as of the third quarter and is holding online export consultations with KOTRA in addition to entering the online permanent exhibition hall.

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