Sigma to introduce a 14M high-end digital camera ‘DP2s’

SEOUL, Korea (AVING Special Report on ‘PHOTO & IMAGING 2010’) — <Visual News> Sigma presented its new compact digital camera ‘DP2s’ with a 14M FOVEON X3 direct image sensor in Korea market during the PHOTO & IMAGING 2010. As a successor model to the DP2, the DP2S incorporates a new AF algorithm, a Power Save Mode and a new rear design.

The new AF algorithm provides high speed auto focusing, ensuring convenient shooting. The Power Save Mode lowers the battery consumption. When this mode is enabled, a greater number of pictures can be taken with a single charge of the battery. The new rear design aids quick recognition of the controls. The addition of red markings has been used to enable easier operation of the cameras controls.

Incorporation of a new noise reduction algorithm reduces Chroma and Luminance noise when processing X3F files taken at ISO400 or more. It is possible to adjust the level of reduction for noise just by moving the slider in the control pallet. With the Macintosh version, functions such as JPEG conversion and batch white balance settings, which were previously incorporated into Windows versions, have been added. In addition, the print function and the display speed for the review window and thumbnails have also been improved.