Short-form video platform Ziktalk passes 1 million accumulated users

  • 1 million users with strong user base in SE Asia
  • Based in Korea, Ziktalk offers S2E (Social-to-Earn)
  • “Social Mining” distributes token rewards to both creators and viewers
  • Over 17 million ZIK transactions on the blockchain

Ziktalk passes 1 million accumulated users

The blockchain-based short-form video platform Ziktalk has surpassed 1 million accumulated sign-ups in July with a strong user base in SE Asia.

Ziktalk is a S2E (Social-to-Earn) video platform that provides token rewards to users for creating and consuming content.

“Born in South Korea, Ziktalk seeks to become a global platform by onboarding more users with attractive incentive to be participate in the platform and be social” said Abraham Shim, CEO and Founder of Ziktalk.

Ziktalk was established in December of 2016 as a language-exchange social platform and pivoted to Ziktalk 2.0 to focus on short-form videos. After the beta launch, the official version was released in February this year.

Ziktalk has reached over 1 million accumulated users centered around SE Asian countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines and Bangladesh and also recorded over 17 million ZIK transactions on the blockchain.

On Ziktalk, around 2,000 videos are posted daily in various categories. 350,000 videos have been posted on the platform so far and users spend 15 minutes on the app per session.

Ziktalk provides its native token “ZIK” to users through the concept of ‘Social Mining’ that includes activities such as video viewing, video posting, likes and follows.