Seoul International Wines & Sprits Expo 2021 held at COEX on July 2… Introducing a variety of products covering the liquor industry

View of the exhibition hall of SIWSE 2021 | Photo by AVING News

Seoul International Wines & Sprits Expo 2021 (SIWSE) was held on July 2 (Friday) at COEX Hall B in Seoul.

Seoul International Wines & Sprits Expo 2021 will be held July 2-4. Due to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, Korea’s liquor market had undergone major changes as the number of people drinking at home and alone increased. Also, customers started to look for quality rather than quantity, shifting from wanting products with best value to the products that capture their hearts.

In line with these changes, this year’s SIWSE will display all kinds of liquor ranging from wine to beer, spirits, and traditional liquor, as well as related foods such as cheese and olives, accessories, equipment, transportation, packaging, and related equipment.

SIWSE is the only comprehensive liquor exhibition in Korea and attracts more than 25,000 buyers and visitors every year. Also, it provides an exhibition platform where various products covering the entire liquor industry are showcased and promoted directly to the buyers.

Also, by considering the characteristics of the liquor industry, which must respond sensitively to rapidly changing trends, the SIWSE will hold systematic alcoholic beverage events and seminars for the growth of related businesses. Through this event, related workers can find a space where they can identify industry trends and conduct effective business meetings based on them to develop new market channels.

View of the tasting zone at SIWSE 2021 | Photo by AVING News

Also, 17 tasting zones and four washing zones are operated separately to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection. QR check-in is required when using the tasting zone.

At SIWSE 2021 LIVE, Alex Sigrist will introduce the main products of participating companies in Korean and English. After the exhibition, the edited video content will be produced for each exhibitor and posted on the exhibition’s official YouTube channel, helping exhibitors to utilize it.

This live broadcasting will air on July 2 (Fri), 11:00 am to 5 pm.

Hosted by Korea Int’l Exhibition Co, the 17th Seoul International Wines & Sprits Expo 2021 is Korea’s only largest liquor exhibition held in Seoul, and is known as the best platform for liquor sales, promotion and business expansion. Along with systematic liquor side events and seminars, Seoul International Wines & Spirits Expo will be held concurrently with the International Beer and Equipment Industry Exhibition and World Traditional Liquor Festival.

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