SEIN DNI introduces Snail Mucus Filtrate Brand ‘askinDr.’ at the 2021 K-Chemicals Cyber Exhibition

O2 Bubble Pack Wash | Photo by SEIN DNI

SEIN DNI CO., LTD. (CEO Il-jong Jeong) participated in the 2021 K-Chemicals Cyber Exhibition.

SEIN DNI CO., LTD. is a snail cosmetics company established in 2009 by a CEO who retired as the head of the research institute after working for 30 years at LG Household & Health Care. It is a registered sales company with the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety that developed the ‘askinDr.’ brand. Products are produced under strict quality control in a factory that has been certified by ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22716 and excellent cosmetic manufacturing and quality management standards (CGMP).

The company’s products have been exported to Japan, China and the United States since 2011 with approval from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan, CFDA of China, and FDA of the United States. The company is actively pioneering overseas markets through trademark registered products (registration: 2 in Korea, 2 in China/application: Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc.).

An official from SEIN DNI introduced their products and said, “Moisturizing is the most important part of skincare. Our ‘askinDr.’ brand products utilize snail mucus filtrate to produce an excellent moisturizing effect. In addition, the oil component is made hydrophilic using nano technology to maximize absorbency, so that it does not feel sticky. We maximized the effect by using natural, plant-based ingredients to moisturize and restore the skin.”

askinDr. Product Line-up | Photo by SEIN DNI

In this way, askinDr. Snail Cream makes the tired skin from various skin treatments into shiny and elastic skin. In addition, askinDr. O2 Bubble Pack Wash absorbs oxygen in the air when snail mucus and water components meet, creating oxygen bubbles. Cleansing and massage using these fine oxygen bubbles gives whitening effect and nutrition and removes sebum and wastes in the pores. It also contains pearl and alum, which helps to whiten the skin and remove odors.

askinDr. Snail BB Cream has good absorption, excellent spreadability, and a refreshing feel, so it is possible to for the skin to not turn greasy even after a long time. It has excellent adhesion and coverage, so you can easily put on makeup. It also has the functions of UV protection, wrinkle improvement, and whitening effects. In addition, various natural plant ingredients are formulated to moisturize the skin, suppress sebum production, and restore damaged skin.

The official said, “We expect to find good partners and promote and sell askinDr. products under the vision of ‘Making good friends worldwide through local production and marketing through joint investment and technology provision’.”

Photo by SEIN DNI

Meanwhile, the 2021 K-Chemicals Cyber Exhibition, an online exhibition in the field of chemistry, opened in March and is always in operation, and currently has 270 chemical-related companies. It supports overseas marketing of domestic companies in a contact-free manner and boasts the largest scale in Korea where you can see various product information of industrial chemicals (paint, adhesive, surfactant, MDI, Polybutene, polyol, catalyst, foaming agent, additives, pipes, living plastics, additives, etc.) and cosmetics (sunblock, lotion, shampoo, face masks, etc.).

The chemical industry is closely linked to major industries such as electronics and

automobiles and is especially at the center of the global issue of carbon neutrality. In line with this, the Korea Precision Chemical Industry Promotion Association (KSCIA), the organizer, is helping domestic chemical companies advance overseas through various support such as export, research and analysis, technical standards, HDR support, and international agreements. Based on companies entering online permanent exhibition halls in the chemical sector, it has accumulated more than $136 million in 2021 as of the third quarter and is holding online export consultations with KOTRA in addition to entering the online permanent exhibition hall.

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