Sceptre unveils 19-inch LED HDTV with built-in DVD player, the compact entertainment experience

Sceptre, superior manufacturers of world class LED and LCD HDTVs and PC monitors, unveils the latest addition to their family of affordable HDTVs with built-in DVD players, an outstanding energy efficient 19-inch LED HDTV with an estimated energy cost of only $5 per year.

Lacking only bulk, the E195BD-SHD+ model weights under 7.3 lbs with stand, features an ultra high-res 16:9 widescreen monitor that supports up to 1366 x 768 resolution, and incorporates an industry first for compact HDTVs; 3 HDMI ports for easy connectivity.

An all-in-one compact entertainment experience, the 19-inch LED HDTV with built-in DVD Player can be used as a computer monitor and allows users to forgo the need of connecting an external DVD player, while the dual speakers immerse users in surround sound. Additional features of this unit include automatic contrast enhancement, flicker and static free screen and neck and base detachability for easy storage.

“While others continue to push boundaries on size, Sceptre takes practicality and usability into account by announcing a unit that is energy efficient, affordable and seamlessly and effortlessly fits into any room,” said Cathy Chou, Vice President of Operations, Sceptre.

The 19-inch LED HDTV with built-in DVD is available for just $249.99 at Sears, Kmart, Target, Newegg and Wal-Mart.