SBN Tech to Unveil New Video Phone at ‘CES 2011’

LAS VEGAS, USA (AVING Special Report on ‘CES 2011’) — <Visual News> SBN Tech ( will unveil new IP Video Phone loading Android which had introduced at G20 Global Media/Press Party at ‘CES 2011’ which is going to be held in Las Vegas next year for the first time.

(Picture: New IP Video Phone which had introduced at G20 Press Party)

According to a SBN Tech official, this Video Phone supports functionalities coming close to tablet PC such as Skype, email service, Think-free Office, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Internet Radio, Widget and You Tube etc with Android.

He also emphasized that it isn’t just video phone or internet device but solution. Actually, recently they exported its video phone ‘VPad’ with ‘Tele Health’ solution for the eldest in France and domestic construction enterprise is considering using video phone for workers in Korea.

SBN Tech has been participating to CES since 2006 and over 95% of sales is from overseas market. Main exporters are USA, UK and Germany etc.

A SBN Tech official said “Recently, SBN Tech products are earning attention with popularity of pad products such as iPad. Diverse solution mounting that consumers want at VolP loading display is possible and it will be useful for various industry area.