[SBA, AVING NEWS Joint Program] Coactus Reveals Socially Inclusive Social Mobility Platform, ‘Goyohan M’, at Try Everything 2022!

– ‘Goyohan M’ will solve the issue of the lack of employment of deaf people!

 ‘Goyohan M’, the socially inclusive social mobility platform showcased by Coactus at ‘Try Everything 2022’, the global startup festival, in operation | Photo by – AVING NEWS

Coactus (CEO Minpyo Song) attended ‘Try Everything 2022’, which was held from Sept 21st (Tues) to the 23rd (Wed) at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP).

Coactus operates the socially inclusive social mobility platform, Goyohan M, which handicapped and non-handicapped people service and use together. In order to solve the issue of lack of jobs for deaf people more than anything, they started by creating a communication software for deaf people and used this to make a service that connects deaf people to taxi companies. They currently operate the service through direct employment and have provided over 100,000 safe trips to over 30,000 customers.

In addition, they have showcased the ‘purpose-based mobility service’ mobile app, where various types of vehicles, including SUVs, EVs, and black cabs, are sent to customer based on the purpose of their trip.

Drivers of Goyohan M, a subsidiary of Coactus, are hired on a full salary basis, and is operated by the socially vulnerable, including deaf people. In addition to a safe and comfortable mobility service, Goyohan M operates black cabs which passengers can use while in an electronic wheelchair and is also making efforts to improve the rights to transportation of the transportation handicapped.

Goyohan M has all customers who wish to experience a safe and private trip as their main targets. They are also providing black caps for people who experience difficulties in transportation, where people can ride with their wheelchairs.

In addition, Coactus is registered as a workplace for the disabled, and can receive up to a 50% discount when using the service. This is because it utilizes the ‘linked employment system for the disabled’ which allows companies to receive a reduction or exemption from the handicapped employment levy.

Staff member from Coactus demonstrating use at ‘Try Everything 2022’, the global startup festival | Photo by – AVING NEWS

Goyohan Mobility utilizes SUVs instead of the existing Sonata Models and provides a wider and more spacious car to focus on each client and passenger and responds to environmental issues as well by mainly using EVs which are more environmentally friendly.

Meanwhile, the city of Seoul has been selected as a Global TOP 10 city to start a business. Various players of the startup ecosystem, such as global corporations, investment institutions, unicorn companies, and the media will attend to accelerate the invigoration of the Seoul startup ecosystem. Accordingly, over 40 programs, such as competitions, lectures, and seminars, will be held at Try Everything 2022, and various global institutions and Korean and foreign startup ecosystem experts, such as South Summit, Extreme Tech Challenge, Startup Genome, and the U.S. EMBASSY & CONSULATE, will be in attendance.

‘Goyohan M’, the socially inclusive social mobility platform showcased by Coactus at ‘Try Everything 2022’, the global startup festival, in operation | Photo by – AVING NEWS

This year’s 2022 TRY EVERYTHING special articles were jointly planned and conducted by AVING NEWS and the Seoul Business Agency (sba), which contributes to the revitalization of the Seoul economy through comprehensive and systematic nurturing of small and medium-sized enterprises in Seoul.