AVALVE Shows Off ‘AI-Based Smart Farm’ Technology at Try Everything 2022!

Smart Farm Device showcased by AVALVE at ‘Try Everything 2022’, the global startup festival | Photo by – AVING NEWS

AVALVE (CEO Kyu-tae Park, Won-jun Lee) attended ‘Try Everything 2022’, which was held from Sept 21st (Tues) to the 23rd (Wed) at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP).

AVALVE is a smart farm solution specialist startup. Smart farms are an innovative technology that can be 10 times more productive than existing farms and are an industrial field with high future potential. They completed their series A round of investments in 2021 and had 210 million KRW in sales in 2021. They are expecting 1 billion KRW in sales in 2022.

‘Smart farms’ usually focus on hardware, but AVALVE focuses on the field of software based on AI. They also possess solutions for data collection processing and AI learning control which enable the growing of optimized crops using AI. This can be utilized to mass produce, not just crops currently sold from regular smart farms, but also high value crops, using AI. Most notably, crops that are hard to grow can be easily mass produced by beginners.

This can be sold to not just agricultural beginners who plan to start smart farms or farms that are newly adopting them, but also to existing smart farm HW companies.

In particular, the realistic issues found in existing smart farms, of low-productivity due to simple environmental data collection and the dependence of crop farming and management on crop experts, have been greatly improved. Optimal environment control and DB based on subdivided growth data for each growth stage has been established, and a completely automated smart farm that utilizes AI that has learned much know-how instead of experts to massively reduce labor costs has been realized. In addition, various client bases can be secured as the use of the AI smart farm solution and special crops can maximize profitability and enable even new farmers to easily establish a system.

AVALVE’s booth at ‘Try Everything 2022’, the global startup festival | Photo by – AVING NEWS

AVALVE has signed big contracts for its products in Korea and abroad (Andong, Vietnam, etc.) in the middle of this year. It aims to promote its products to people in and experts of related industries in Korea and abroad, as well as pioneer additional markets and attract investments through these.

It has experience with various cases under its belt, such as with the establishment of the Andong Agricultural Cooperative Hemp Research Smart Farm Complex, Seoul F&F Vertical Smart Farm Complex, Okkot Gimje Ornamental Plant Smart Farm Complex, and the Vietnam High Tech Park Center Sprout Complex.

Meanwhile, the city of Seoul has been selected as a Global TOP 10 city to start a business. Various players of the startup ecosystem, such as global corporations, investment institutions, unicorn companies, and the media will attend to accelerate the invigoration of the Seoul startup ecosystem. Accordingly, over 40 programs, such as competitions, lectures, and seminars, will be held at Try Everything 2022, and various global institutions and Korean and foreign startup ecosystem experts, such as South Summit, Extreme Tech Challenge, Startup Genome, and the U.S. EMBASSY & CONSULATE, will be in attendance.

The executive staff of AVALVE at ‘Try Everything 2022’, the global startup festival | Photo by – AVING NEWS

This year’s 2022 TRY EVERYTHING special articles were jointly planned and conducted by AVING NEWS and the Seoul Business Agency (sba), which contributes to the revitalization of the Seoul economy through comprehensive and systematic nurturing of small and medium-sized enterprises in Seoul.