Sangdan Studio Showcases In-House Created Content, ‘PAPAMAN’ and ‘Fryan’ at Gwangju ACE Fair 2022… “Will Continue to Work to Expand Independent IP”

Mockup of ‘PAPAMAN’ goods showcased by Sangdan Studio at Gwangju ACE Fair 2022 | Photo by – AVING News

Sangdan Studio (CEO Dan Kim) attended ‘Gwangju ACE Fair 2022’, which was held for 4 days from Sept 22nd (Thurs) to the 25th (Sun) at Kim Daejung Convention Center in Gwangju.

Sangdan Studio is a company that professionally plans and produces 3D content. Using the company’s expert workforce, not only has it created its own projects, but has also taken part in outsourced production of content of other companies, like with the popular 3D animated series, ‘Larva’, and the popular nursery rhyme series, ‘Bebefinn’. It also possesses its own 2D webtoon team in the company, and they will soon take part in the production of illustrations of ‘The King’s Song’ and ‘I Became the Daughter of the Tiger’.

Sangdan Studio showcased the company’s own independent content, ‘PAPAMAN’ at the exhibition. This is a 3D animation series that depicts the story of a father and son becoming heroes and fighting villains in ‘Dolmen City’, and differentiated itself through the addition of a family aspect to the hero genre.

The company explained that PAPAMAN has completed the series planning and production of the mockups of goods and said that they are in the stage of attracting investments for the production, airing, and productization of the series.

In addition, ‘Fryan’, which had been activated and promoted through the SNS of the company from the previous year, was also introduced. Throughout all of its channels, it currently has around 30 million subscribers and followers. They are making efforts to expand into various platforms, such as with their attendance of a competition held by Nickelodeon, the famous American kid’s channel, for the creation of a 2D animated series.

Some of the goods of ‘Fryan’, Sangdan Studio’s 2D Content | Photo by – AVING News

A spokesman for Sangdan Studio said, “It is confident in the potential of PAPAMAN and Fryan, which were planned with the technical capabilities and know-how of the company accumulated from its participation in the production of numerous famous series, and that they are searching for investors to launch the series in earnest,” and revealed that, “To achieve this, we are knocking on various doors of the market, such as with IR meetings or biz matching, and we seek to grow its potential through promotions in this exhibitions as well.”

They went on to say, “After succeeding in attracting investments for and launching the corresponding content, we will focus the capacity of the company on producing our own in-house content,” and went on to reveal their plan’s for the future, saying, “We will continue to expand our IP (Intellectual Property) under this clear goal, and will work hard to one day rise as a content producer that can represent Korea.”

Gwangju ACE Fair 2022 is a comprehensive content exhibition where you can see all categories of content licensing, including AI, metaverse, VR/AR, games, broadcasts, animations, and characters, in one place. It was hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism and the metropolitan city of Gwangju, and overseen by the KimDaejung Convention Center, Gwangju Information & Content Agency, Gwangju Institute of Design Promotion, Korea Cable TV Association, and the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA). In addition to the ‘Web Animation Festival (WAF)’ hosted by the Gwangju Information & Content Agency, there were other diverse additional events showcased throughout the exhibition period, such as the New Illustrator Discovery Contest with NC Soft, board game competition and experiencing event, cosplay festival, the 15th Youth Broadcasting Content Contest, and animation premiere.

Sangdan Studio’s booth at Gwangju ACE Fair 2022 | Photo by – AVING News