‘Samsung YP-RB’, a Multi-Set not Optional but Required

SEOUL, Korea (AVING) — <Visual News> Frequently, product use environments or preferred programs vary depending on users. The difference among them is huge depending on the environment, preference, or use of each user. There are more users who mainly use frequently used programs than those who frequently use any and all programs. In this regard, hardly used programs among diverse programs might be ‘wastes’. The former might feel that they have bought unnecessary programs because the programs are built-in. Due to this, products with a variety of specifications and concepts are released in order to satisfy diverse types of users. The concepts focus on great functions, cost-effectiveness, design, or use to provide users with many choices. The target product in this review is ‘Samsung YP-RB’, a multi-type MP3 player. This product has programs mainly used by users, and ensures the convenience of use. It focuses on great functions, and is a ‘required multi-set’ product.

The product has required programs, and enables the operation of buttons. It also has a battery with long shelf life, a speaker, and a metallic body to ensure sophistication, a feel of heaviness, and the completeness of closing. YP-RB is described below:

Music: One of the Default Functions of YP-RB

This product is a multi-type product that enables the use of diverse programs; however, note that the product is a YEPP series product and that the purpose of the product is to play back music. This emphasizes that music and sound effects should be played clearly and definitely.

YP-RB is equipped with SoundAlive, which is the improvement of the proprietary sound field technology of Samsung called DNse. SoundAlive is technology for the improvement of sound quality to play back an optimal sound source by resolving the deterioration of the original sound, which occurs when the compressed sound source is played back. This product enables its basic function properly.

Exterior of YP-RB

The design of Samsung products is not that unique. Most of the Samsung products have modern sophistication rather than unconventional or flashy design. They are so simple that they do not make users sick of them even when they are used for a long period of time. YP-RB also follows the design concept of Samsung in this regard.

The 3″ 400×240 Horizontal WQVGA(16:9) wide screen is a fully big, wide screen. In addition, the product is equipped with round direction keys made of metals and touch buttons. The direction keys allow the users to easily tell them from the buttons even in a pocket and to improve their easy operation.

The terminals are located at the upper part and lower part of the product. The lower part has USB ports for charging and PC connection, an earphone terminal, and a microphone terminal. The upper part has a MicroSD terminal and an antenna for viewing terrestrial DMB. A Samsung logo and a product logo are located at the center of the rear side. On the left, a mono speaker and a reset button exist. Since the speaker is a mono speaker, excellent sound quality cannot be ensured, but good sound is generated despite its small size.

The soft round closing and metallic parts give the users a feel of gentleness and sophistication. Its reasonable weight and thickness make the users feel good when holding the product.

Specification of YP-RB

To me, the distinct feature of this product is playback duration. Once the product is charged, it will play back up to 60 hours of music, 10 hours of video, and six hours of DMB. As a portable multi-device, enabling the use of the product for a very long period of time after charging is a great feature.

In addition, it is distinct to enable viewing DMB and to have improved sound field technology such as SoundAlive. YP-RB seems to focus on convenience and practical use while having improved basic features.

Stylish GUIs of YP-RB

A total of four screen styles are unique and distinct. They cannot be found from any other products. The clean, sophisticated GUIs and icons seem to be created by considering the convenience of use. This product allows the users to easily operate it without viewing the screen by enabling easy switch to another menu.

Since YB-RB is not a touch-type product, the operation buttons should be used to enable all the functions. Large icons, layout, and fonts improve the visibility of the screen by clicking the buttons. In addition, the metal, round 4-direction keys ensure the easy classification of the buttons and can be used without seeing them.

Terrestrial DMB Ensuring Very High Reception

Since Samsung Electronics has know-how and experience of installing DMB devices into mobile phones or other diverse multi-devices, the products of Samsung have very high DMB reception. YB-RB ensures very high and reliable reception as well. The users do not need to worry about the inconvenience of watching due to poor reception. However, note that there are poor reception areas or reception shading areas since the product is a frequency reception system. The product enables screen capture and recording to ensure the improved convenience of use.

Watching Movies _ Videos

Since the screen is a TFT LCD and yet 3″ 400×240 Horizontal WQVGA(16:9), it is clean and clear. It is not a high-definition screen in an AMOLED level, but I was able to watch the screen clearly.

Above all, the product enables audio codecs such as MPEG•OGG•WMA•FLAC•AAC and video codecs such as MPEG4 SP(720×480), MP4 H.264(640×480), and WMV/ASF WMV9(640×480). Thus, it enables the playback of diverse video files without encoding. (Refer to the table above.)

Main Feature of YB-RB_ MUSIC

It should not be forgotten that YB-RB is a MP3 product. Thus, MP3 must be the main feature among all the features. YB-RB follows this concept very well.

As mentioned above, this product has SoundAlive, which is the improvement of NDse, proprietary sound field technology to play back the unique sound source by greatly reducing the transformation of compressed sound source and distorted sound. The product ensures convenience by enabling easy operation that ensures quick changes in the playback environment and options.

Viewing Photos, Texts, and FM Radio

This product does not have special features in each program. Instead, the basic features of each program are integrated properly. The FM radio enables an earphone to play a role as an antenna just like any other devices.

Voice Recording, World Time, and Calendar

As programs with convenience features, there are voice recording, world time, and calendar. The voice recorder enables proper voice recording. The world time and calendar enable quick check. This product does not enable additional features such as notes and diary.

Setting Enabling the Properties of YB-RB

Any and all users optimize a device to be appropriate for their environments by setting. A device becomes unique by setting. YB-RB enables simple setting.

This product ensures convenient setting through preview. Its basic tree structure without complexity enables the quick completion or change of setting.

In addition, since MicroSD can be added, the product allows the users to use extended capacity as well as basic capacity and ensures high capacity. The file explorer enables easy access to files. Overall, YB-RB seems to focus on convenience and practicality.

Cost-Effectiveness and Practicality by the Integration of Required Elements

Someone might be dissatisfied with this product because it does not have a touch screen or AMOLED. However, considering its price in terms of cost-effectiveness, he or she will change his or her opinion of this product. The product focuses on features as a multimedia player, and is equipped with only programs used most by people. In addition, it has a little high specification and terrestrial DMB frequently installed.

The product properly enables features with required programs as a complete multimedia player. In addition, the buttons that improve the convenience of operation, simple GUIs, and basic programs enhance practical use to a very high level.

Required elements are enabled by appropriate, simple GUIs to ensure the convenience and simplification of operation as well as the promptness and convenience of playback. These are the uniqueness of YB-RB. The uniqueness is integrated with the reasonable price, practicality, and convenience of the product.

People sometimes purchase a product with higher cost-effectiveness and specification than the one they consider buying. Finally, however, they tend to use products they initially considered buying. If they do not want unnecessary programs, they will be able to find required, practical programs for them.

Then, a model with high cost-effectiveness and practicality such as YB-RB will be able to be found.