Samsung to unveil 30 3G mobile phones in China

SEOUL, Korea (AVING) — <Visual News> Samsung Electronics today announced an aggressive 3G marketing initiative “3GSamsung, 3G for all” at JuYong, Great Wall in China, offering 30 3G mobile phone models.

2009 is the first year of China’s 3G launch and China is the only country that has adopted three different standards used around the world. As an industry leader, Samsung Electronics introduced the “3GSamsung, 3G for all” initiative combining strategic insights and R&D investments with a well planned localization approach, reflecting Samsung Electronics’ leading position in the 3G arena both in China and worldwide.

Samsung Electronics commenced TD-SCDMA related research in 2000. As the global handset manufacturer that was the earliest to identify this as a promising standard, Samsung Electronics invested significant resources to establish its Beijing Samsung Telecom R&D Center in China, with an R&D team consisting of hundreds of talented experts. This forward-looking strategy helped Samsung lead the industry in China.

Similarly, for WCDMA and EVDO standards, Samsung Electronics has many years’ accumulated experience in both technology and marketing, establishing a leading position in China for handsets based on these technologies. Samsung Electronics will continue to introduce global leading products and launch more specialized handset models in the Chinese market.