Samsung Electronics, telematics DMB device at IFA 2005

NEW YORK, USA (AVING) — <Visual News> Samsung Electronics introduced its new telematics DMB device at IFA 2005 in German as the very first in the world.

Unlike the previous DMB device, this new one offers not only DMB service but real time navigation service.

Telematics service through DMB network can update traffic information in real time. For this purpose, Samsung has applied ‘TPEG’ technology to DMB for the first time. ‘TPEG’ refers to technology that can transmit traffic information in the form of data together with DMB signals.

Many people visited the exhibition and gave favorable comments about the product. Those who attended the showcase included several executive officers of European broadcasting and communication service providers as well as automobile companies like Volkswagen.

Samsung plans to commercialize DMB cell phone containing telematics solution.