Samsung Electronics, showcase of ‘Daylight PDP TV’

(Picture: ‘Daylight PDP TV’(left) and the previous model(right) under a bright light)

NEW YORK, USA (AVING) — <Visual News> Samsung Electronics had a showcase of its ‘Daylight PDP TV’ by comparing it with the previous model in a department store.

42/50-inch ‘Daylight PDP TV’ (model : SPD-42P5HDM, SPD-50P5HDM) is Samsung’s latest model which has been launched last month. By employing Samsung’s exclusive ‘Daylight’ technology, you can enjoy clear screen even under bright environment. ‘Daylight technology’ refers to a technology that blocks the reflection of light by using a special filter while maximizing internal image signals.

This model has a special function that controls electric power according to brightness of the screen. The company said that if you set ‘power-saving mode’ you can reduce the power consumption to 320W consumption.

It features 1,000:1 contrast ratio and 1,300(candela) brightness, and 10 speakers. Suggesting price is 6,800,000(KRW) for 50-inch model.