Samsung Electronics, LCD monitor with a new design

NEW YORK, USA (AVING) — <Visual News> Samsung Electronics introduces its new premium LCD monitors; 17 inch SyncMastermagic CX718T and 19 inch SyncMastermagic CX915T.

This new model employs a distinctive design by eliminating all menu buttons except power button from the front and is made of glossy material. The back of the monitor stand is designed in the shape of a handbag that you can even fold and carry it easily.

Samsung’s exclusive ‘Magic Tune’ functionality enables you to control brightness, contrast ratio, and definition. ‘AutoPivot’ function adjusts a display automatically as the screen rotates without a separate modification.

Suggesting price is about 600,000(KRW) for 17 inch and 800,000(KRW) for 19 inch.